Friday, March 11, 2005

Fat. I'm starting to feel the effects of all that additional fat. I get tired after I walk up four floors. It's harder to move around. My reactions are slightly slower. I'm clumsier. Man, how do people stand being fat? My flabby legs are killing me. It's sick feeling meat under my thighs swing everytime I walk. I even feel lazy at work. Living la vida Jabba isn't much fun. I wonder how people can stand it. Aargh, the jowls on my face can shake around if I turn my head left and right fast enough. To top it all, all this heavy weight makes me tire easily. So by the time day is done, I'm more than ready for bed. No PS2, no reading, no watching DVDs. Just straight to bed.

The big stomach is heavy too. I figure now it's all divided into organs, shit, water and air. And it really stinks inside. For no particular reason, my excrement's turned all black and smelly. I'm hoping that this is just a transition period - from the dairy-rich relatively oil-free food of Plantation to the extremely oily and spicy food of Penang. It was so easy going to the toilet in Florida. Everything came out in one giant brownish-green lump of smaller pieces and that's it - I was done for the day. Nowadays, I look down and the black stuff pooled at the bottom of the toilet bowl reminds me of the spicy beef I ate at the mamak stall for breakfast. Not only that, but the need to shit might also hit me a couple of times in the morning. Oh woe, man. Woe.

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