Monday, March 07, 2005

I guess the three of us who went to Plantation, Florida are still missing the place. We take delight in torturing each other by reenacting Scenes from Plantation.

"What time should we go home today?"
"Let's go to Publix to buy some chicken."
"Oh wait, it's Monday. Macaroni night."
"We'll cook tomorrow cause Tuesday's dinner won't make us full."
"Make sure we go home early on Wednesday to get a seat for BBQ night."
"It's 5.30pm - let's go."
"Let's go to BestBuy - I wanna buy some walkie-talkies."
"Good idea. I need to look up some games myself."

After two months of pretty much the same thing every week, we've gotten very comfortable with the routine. Leaving work at 5.30pm, going to Publix to buy chicken and groceries, cooking rice and boiled vegetables and soup ( good soup too ), paying occasional visits to BestBuy or Circuit City or Borders or Barnes & Noble, spending weeknights with American television... it's a quiet life, but it's a good life. It's the kind of nice idyllic life you want to have. Blue skies, clear traffic, clean cool air, patient drivers... add wife and family and you get the good life.

Which is why coming back to Penang can be so hellish. Where the heat itself is stifling. Where the roads are an exercise in skill and divine tolerance. Where the people you just want to strangle and leave them hanging from the ceiling of your 4-story office. Yup, this is home, but after Plantation, home is gonna be rough for awhile.

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