Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Japan is freezing.

We reached Narita around 4pm on Tuesday and whenever we were outside, our breath turned to wispy white steam. I think it was around 8 to 6 degrees Celsius. The place is still pretty much the same as it was the last time I was here. Just very much colder. Because we have a temporary Japanese visa, immigration was so much faster than the last time round. Maybe the cold weather helped too, cause the immigration line was also much shorter.

So we went through immigration, took our luggage, went through customs, had a pee and then went to Terminal 14 to catch our bus to the Narita Excel Hotel Tokyu. After checking into the hotel and taking a nice hot bath, we then proceeded to the 11th floor for dinner at around 6 something. Night had already fallen by then. And they served the same dinner I ate the last time I was here too. Right after that, we went to downtown Narita by bus. That was a mistake on my part. I should have stayed in my room and paid 1365 yen to watch adult videos on pay TV instead.

Firstly, the shuttle bus no longer stopped outside the mall anymore. Maybe we took the wrong shuttle bus, cause I kinda remembered paying for the bus trip. But there we were, smack in the middle of a bus station with no visible malls in the vicinity. And secondly, and this is the most horrible part, it was freezing. I don't know how low it got, but it was low. Very low. And there was that chilly wind blowing around. My intermittent cough nearly cured itself of its intermittentness. Every breath I took was cold, and later I found out that there was blood in my nose again. Breathing in through the mouth was one giant no-no - there was extreme coldness and no small measure of pain.

Admittedly, I wasn't prepared for the cold. All I had was my jacket while the other two were packing winter clothing similar to the one wore by the killer in Urban Legend. Now, my jacket is spiffy for keeping out the cold in an air-conditioned office. It's good when you're in a plane and it's cold. It's good when you're in Plantation, Florida and the wind is chilly. But not Japan when all that's missing is the snow. At one point I thought I was going to come down with instant pneumonia and die on the spot, but fortunately that didn't happen. It's a good thing I put on so much weight when I was in the US. All the excess fat helped a lot. Thank God the bus came on time. We bundled back inside, returned to the hotel and that was it. Nice warm hotel.

There's something about my hotel room which makes me horny. Maybe it's the nice pajama-like clothes they leave on the bed. It comes with a belt, and if you sleep in it, like I did, it's almost like sleeping naked. There's no way to button it or zip it - all you do is cover one side over the other and use the belt to hold it in place. Or maybe it's the toilet bowl which washes your ass or your asscrack for you. Press a button and warm water sprays out. With adjustable pressure too. Man, I really should have stayed in to watch the adult videos.

Anyway, the jetlag's started. I had trouble sleeping, waking up every now and then. And finally at 4.18am I woke up and couldn't sleep back anymore no matter how much twisting and tossing I exacted on myself. Oh well. At least I'm up now. I'll go take a nice bath, have a good shit, play with the toiletbowl waterspray thingy a bit and then I'm off for the complimentary buffet breakfast. Which, if the standard has not dropped ever since I was last here, is excellent. Japanese and Western breakfast.

And then, the last two flights home. It's about eight hours to Kuala Lumpur, and then another 40 minutes or so back to Penang. Ah, home. Where the weather is going to be quite the opposite of Japan now. I will console myself with the fact that the weather will just simply melt off all the fat I've gained while I was in the US. Expect puddles of sweat beneath my computer chair at home.

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