Thursday, March 31, 2005

You know, I'm like almost Chinese, and I still make fun of them. Then again, I'm rather Christian too and I'm just boiling over with Christian jokes. So anyway, there's this genuine Chinese guy from China which we're working with. He's genuine Chinese because he comes from China and speaks with a Chinese accent. Kinda like a Ming vase, and I suspect he's as old as one too. This guy, he has a tendency to spout wise sayings. Sorta like, Confucius says, "Do it right is more important than do it quick." I never really liked that aspect of him. He would have been labeled a smartass, except that he's old. That makes him an ancient know-it-all. However, the longer I work with him, the more I've come to appreciate his little nuggets of wisdom. Sometimes I even catch myself quoting him. And this is how I lose myself even more.

Of course, I do it all with a booming voice preceded by "CONFUCIUS SAYS...". Bleh.

In other news, Easter's come and gone, and so did the followup earthquake. Kinda like how Christmas came and and earthquake came in its wake. Poor Indonesians. My flat swayed though. Amen to 21-storey flats.

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