Sunday, June 12, 2005

Linking Net group set abuzz by nude blogger with Sarong Party Girl [SuicideGirls].

THE local blogging community is buzzing after a girl posted nude pictures of herself on the Internet.

Writing under the moniker Sarong Party Girl, her weblog chronicles her life and numerous sexual escapades.

But though she is posing nude, most lawyers said that she is probably not breaking any obscenity laws.

And here we are with a quote from the conservatives:

But others like Ng Heng Ghee, a 33-year-old IT technician and father of two, thought otherwise.

"What she has done reflects badly on her parents."

Spoken like a true father of two. Given the chance though, I bet he would do her the sex too.

Personally, if I'm abuzz, I'm just wondering how news like that even got into the papers. There's a little box on the front page of my The Star about it! Although the liberal part of me shakes his head in disgust at this waste of space, the asshole in me is quite happy that we're covering sordid regional news. Not really all that juicy, but good enough to start off the Sunday morning.

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