Monday, September 19, 2005

Happy Midautumn Festival 2005

I feel that sleeping late on Sunday nights is both my right and my privilege. That's because on Monday mornings, foul moods are tolerable, even acceptable as the norm ( Monday blues, baby ). Also, Monday morning is the time when I quaff my near-lethal essence of chicken ( now with cordyceps ) and caffeine energy tonic. It's almost the equivalent of injecting pure adrenaline directly into my veins. According to some people, it's a wonder I'm still alive and walking.

The weekend has come and gone, and we had a beautiful moon this weekend. Happy midautumn festival everybody. Also, Happy Mooncake Day. This year, I didn't get to eat a complete lotus seed mooncake. Damn, but I love lotus seed mooncakes. Unfortunately, they're extremely sweet and unhealthy for me, so I try to cut down. My cubemate did give me tiny slices of lotus seed and coconut mooncakes though. And Sharon the Vampire Slayer gave me pieces of jelly mooncake. And now I also have cheese and chocolate mooncakes in the fridge, but the skin tastes kinda crappy. My lil sis and I suspect that it's cheap mooncake.

Right now, I'm working on some training slides. I'm starting to think that maybe it's a good idea I never got into the training profession. Not only do I not know how to explain something to people so that they can understand it, I also absolutely detest the mindcrippling task of preparing training slides. It's not something I'm good at. Somehow, this ranks as one of those tasks which I do very slowly. Very. Slowly. Slower than two snails engaged in a competition to see who is slower. Slower than metal rusting in a vacuum-sealed environment. It's a good thing we have people like Sara Cox to keep me company. BBC did the right thing putting their radio shows online.

Anyway, we caught Land of the Dead on Saturday. Fantastic zombie movie, I absolutely loved it. It felt very different from the rest... Night, Dawn and Day were humourless and bland in comparison. Of course, Land has the ever-delectable Asia Argento. She's the kinda girl you want around when all hell's broken loose in the world. Well actually, Lt. Ellen Ripley is the woman to have around when all hell's broken loose, but we're talking about Land of the Dead, not Aliens. Right now, it's just too bad that my company frown upon beautiful artistic expressions of the human body, cause there's this nude picture of Asia Argento which so belongs to my desktop at work.

I can't help wondering how the movie would have turned up if they had gotten Marc Blucas play the title role of Riley. "Yeah, well, I once had a girlfriend who would have known exactly how to deal with this zombie outbreak. Yes, Buffy Summers would have opened a whole can of whupass on them all right." Sigh.

Friday, September 16, 2005

What Is Your Doom?

Take the Hecatomb™ TCG What Is Your Doom? quiz.

Towards Post Titles & Blogger Comments

I've got to stop these late night postings. It can't be healthy. Right now, the chicken essence and the coffee are kicking in with a vengeance. Kind of like how Anakin started slashing away merrily at the sandpeople ( "Not just the men, but the women and the children too. They're like animals, and I slaughtered them like animals... I hate them!" ). Feeling like this after midnight with a working day looming over me tomorrow isn't exactly my idea of a fun-filled Thursday night.

While waiting for my stuff to build today, I went to add titles to this blog. Pretty nifty, eh. Nice words above the posts sized just one pixel bigger, in a different colour too. I wanted to use Javascript to only insert the title if it actually had text, but I gave up trying to figure out how after awhile. So now all of my old posts will have a bigger spacing on top of them.

Next on my to-do list is to migrate over to Blogger comments. YACCS is nice and all, but it has different downtimes from Blogger ( not that Blogger has all that many downtimes these days anyway ). The one thing stopping me from moving over now is the fact that I will lose all my old comments if I do that. Actually, I think I remember an article over at Blogger somewhere which says that I can use my old comments along with the new Blogger comments. I must go look for that article again later. And then I'll have to choose between popup comments and comments which are on the same page as the post. Decisions, decisions.

Actually, you know what? My titles are horribly pedestrian. I really need to start sexing them up. Talk about a serious lack of imagination.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Fireworks in September after Midnight

W. T. F. Some assholes just let off a whole bunch of fireworks from the squatter area ( where we once had the fire so long ago ). Farking loud. Now I feel wide awake. And out for blood. And now really lacking sleep.

But, such pretty fireworks. They let off the loud types which exploded in a nice fountain shape. Not that many colours though. I guess they can do that now that no one's living there anymore. Government's chasing everyone away so that they can make that grand highway of theirs. Hail the Jelutong Highway. May it bring even more traffic jams to this already besieged area of town. Curses!

Right. Now heading back to Sleep Part II. And please. No more fireworks tonight. I really need sleep. No, really really.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Real Life Fall (Whee)

Damnit I tripped over a stair and fell. LIKE A SACK OF BIG FAT POTATOES. Thank God my new A780 didn't get damaged, but I can't say the same for my right elbow ( minimal ) and my left leg. In fact, there's a swelling on my left leg now. I should have pressed a cup of cold water against it. Unfortunately, my brain ( which wasn't hurt in the fall ) was somehow addled by the shock, and I went to press a cup of hot water instead. Strangely, the cold water doesn't seem to be as effective as the hot water. Go figure. I keep thinking of Nicolas Cage in Con Air when he got shot in the arm and didn't even flinch. Chris assures me it's just a movie, but damn, that's so inspirational. Kinda like how Christians regard the suffering of Christ on the cross, how Buddhists regard Buddha starving away in the wilderness and how treehugging hippies regard Gandhi getting his brains blown out. I'm not sure what Muslims find inspirational. Maybe Muhammad had excruciating headaches ala Doyle / Cordelia when his wahyus came. I don't know. I can't say. They always gloss over these things in the religious books because they want people to buy into the religion ( and by this I mean Christianity in particular, of which I reserve a very special fondness in my heart for ).

So. Ow. I really want to go home now and nurse my wounds / cheat through the last couple of missions of The Frozen Throne because I want to start and finish Dungeon Siege ASAP, but I'm still waiting for some guy who's at 10am Wednesday to get back to me about something.

Monday, September 05, 2005

So after this morning's therapy session ( with two therapists at the same time, no less ), I've concluded that all my life, I've wanted to belong to something. Actually, this explains why I was happy back in school and why I'm so unhappy these days. The disciplinary board and the scouts were there. I belonged. And this also explains ShitLode, which was an attempt to belong to something.

We had a paintball teambuilding outing last Friday. According to the mutual masturbatory mails being sent around now, everyone had a good time and the outing achieved its objective of forming teambuilding spirit. Well, yay them. I've never felt so isolated in my life. The teambuilding outing completely destroyed my sense of belonging. I can't seem to relate to any of my "team" mates anymore. This is why I never want to go for teambuilding events. They totally wipe out any sense of team for me.

Actually, the outing put certain things into perspective for me. I'm pretty much the normal loser I've always suspected I was. I should be happy I'm just normal. Mundane. Run-of-the-mill. Pedestrian. I wanted to be different when I was younger. And then when I discovered I was different, I wanted to be normal again. And now that I finally realize I'm normal, I want to be different. You can tell that I got my sense of fickleness from my mother.

It's sad that after such a well-praised teambuilding event, the only friends I feel I have left are people not from my team. Sigh. *Headache*. It's definitely me, isn't it? After all, the rest of the team gelled well. And me? The farking cheese stands alone.