Thursday, October 20, 2005

Goodnight Mrs. Prime Minister

Good night, and good luck in the hereafter.

It is strange, but it takes the death of someone important's wife to get classical music playing on our radio channels. I thought I was in the Twilight Zone when I got into my car after work and tuned into Mix FM. That or the rain accidentally diverted Astro's Opus channel to 91.0. It wasn't until the end of the current piece that they announced that all programmes had been put on hold in respect for the PM's late wife. What a shame. As I was driving home, I realized that it would be so nice to have a classical channel we could tune in to anytime of the day. We really could do with a pure classical channel.

In the office, I received that 'Monday is a public holiday' hoax email. Again, Monday is not a holiday as speculated. Look, the poor lady died. Lay off the fake news. My company even had to send out a circular stating that it was work as usual next Monday.

Also, my cubemate's father got hit by a lorry from behind while riding his motorcycle. It's really fortunate that he got away with just some broken ribs. I mean, motorcycle and lorry ( going fast too, apparently )? Not many motorcyclists walk away alive from those kinds of encounter.

And for our scandalous news item of the day, we have seeing red over sex romps on luxury buses. How can anyone resist news which begin with:

SEX romps and discarded condoms and panties on long-haul luxury buses – this is the gist of a saucy front-page report in Harian Metro that tells about the goings-on among some passengers in the express coaches after dark.

Here's the Harian Metro article.

And so Endon leaves us in this state. May she find peace in the afterlife.

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justine said...

Yeah I got conned into thinking monday was a holiday as well..

damn them all.