Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Monday Night at the Lights

So there I was, cruising to a stop behind a car at the traffic lights outside the Macallum Street area. Red light, late night, rainy night... I was taking the drive slow and steady, like an asteroid hurtling silently through the icy coldness of space. Okay, so I was feeling tired and I really didn't want to crash my car on account of bad judgement and slippery roads.

And so I waited patiently behind the other car, dum de dum de dum, when lo and behold, this other car comes up along the lane next to us ( which was empty because it was the right turn lane ). You know how hunters know when the deer is going to run away? Like that, I knew that the cocky bastard in the car was going to cut our lane and go straight. So I just waited and see, and then this police car comes sidling up behind that cocky car. And then, with the light still red, the cocky bastard went off straight down the road. The police car crept up to the front a bit - probably to check the traffic - and then it too went off in hot pursuit of the car. I wanted to give chase too, just to see what happened, but instead decided that I didn't want to get caught in a firefight in case those two were packing heat ( I just know the police are armed ).

That was the end of Monday's strangeness. I mean, there was other stuff going on. Like how my tech paper became a marketing promotion for an application I was supposed to write about. Or how the Doom trailer is horribly... horrible ( I dread the movie ). Or how Serenity might be having less than stellar takings in the box office, but somehow I'm feeling... serene about it. It's just another Monday, complete with weirdness and all. Oh wait. It's Tuesday now.

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