Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Not Another Quake

I was pulling my hair out waiting for the server to refresh when I gradually became aware of the shaking. Not another quake. It's been horrible, these earthquakes. This time, Northern Sumatra at an estimated magnitude of 6.0 ( but these early figures have been known to be slightly inaccurate ). From the looks of it, it's quite near Bandar Aceh. Man, it sucks to live in that area.

Take a look. And remember, stay away from the beaches in the meantime.

In other news, when I went to draw money from HSBC after dinner today, there was this suspicious guy in a red shirt there which gave me the creeps. Firstly, that balding fellow kept on looking at me. He was in front of me in the queue to use the ATM, and he used the ATM pretty fast before going over to the deposit machines. After I withdrew my money, he followed me out of the bank. I headed to the lift, which required a left turn at a junction in the building instead of going straight, which led out to the carpark. And this fellow followed me to the elevator area. I was armed with my umbrella ( thought it was going to rain - guess not ) and the lift area was exposed to the outside world ( they hadn't closed the grate down yet ). He appeared there, then did a detour outside out to the carpark.

Asshole. I do not like people following me. I do not like people encroaching on my personal bubble. I'm still in the office at 11.45pm and with the quake and all, I am not in the mood to be friendly.

Regardless, that was kinda creepy.


Fye said...
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Fye said...

You should've pumped out a dose of thick, green-colored fart during the chase. Then will he know that you.....mean.....business!!!

Nicholas Prose said...

Cannot la... not easy to fart on demand these days. I've been taking psyllium husk - as a result, my shit is turning into rope. Want to fart also very hard.