Saturday, January 29, 2005

I think I might want to go slit my throat tonight. There are 927 items in my mailbox, 23 of them unread. My throat issue is not tonsilitis, just a "normal" sore throat, that nurse told me. But it's killing me and my tongue is sore too. I understand that in life, a little pain is good. But going to hell everytime I swallow? That's ridiculous.

A sore tongue. Argh. It's horrible. I feel like part of my tongue has been shredded, while on the other hand I think there might be tiny little boils all over the surface of my tongue. There are small pieces of tongue-flesh hanging out from the bottom of my tongue. When I stick my tongue out, I half-expect them to wiggle a bit. You have pieces of tongue sticking out of your tongue, they might as well do something useful, right?

Anyway, my colleagues are heading off to Disney this weekend. Oops, correction: MOST of the engineers who come from Malaysia are heading off to Disney this weekend. It's like Malaysia Visits Disneyland weekend. And I'll be at home, close to my trusty water supply so that I don't choke to death. Need to keep my mouth VERY moist. This is absolutely the last time I'm eating raw onions.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Saturday 22nd January 2005:
Took a trip to the western coast of South Florida. We four ( me, the CK, the CS, the Kelvin ) took the route through Alligator Alley. Saw quite a few alligators sunning themselves behind the fence which separates the national preserve from the highway. After nearly three hours, we reached Naples ( which we delighted in pronouncing nipples ) and had lunch. Then we headed north to Thomas Edison's and Henry Ford's winter estates. After the long trip, all we did was go look at the laboratory and the museum. Apparently no one was interested in the guided tour of the estates. Everybody wanted to take pictures. This is one of the failings of digital camera. Photography skill has been replaced by overzealous fanatical snapping. If you snap enough pictures, one of them is bound to be good. Oh so very American. Doesn't stop me from participating in a little overzealous snapping myself though heh heh.

After searching for a telescope shop ( turned out to be a warehouse, and it was closed too ), we had dinner at Taco Bell. Then we headed home after that in the dark. Almost three hours of driving along a nice dark American highway. Quite the fun experience. The moment we got home we exchanged our Ford Taurus for a Chevy Malibu. Now that Malibu is quite the car.

Sunday 23rd January 2005:
Took a trip to the south of Florida... the Florida Keys! Me, the CK, the CS, the Kelvin and two ME engineers ( Geoffrey, of my previous US trip fame and another guy called Ch'ng ) took the Ford Minivan down. Now this one was a long trip - about 4 to 5 hours. We took the Florida Turnpike when we went down - this saved us a lot of time, but made us all US4.00 poorer ( collectively - the guy who forked out the money hasn't charged us our share yet ).

So, the Florida Keys. Me dad and I first heard of them in that Kokomo song, a song which I still like a lot today. And now I've been all the way to the end - Key West. If I had a boat I would have gone after the keys, which is where Kokomo is supposed to be. Take a picture, send back to me dad. As it is, all we did was head to Key West, drive around scenic Key West a bit, stop by the docks, enjoy the bracing seabreeze and snap some pics. And then we went home. Why didn't we spend more time there? Too bloody cold. Biting cold. So it was another long drive home. We stopped for dinner at the start of the road into the keys, and then we headed home. Worn out. And feeling extremely fragile.

Monday 24th January 2005:
Had a lot of onions for lunch.

Tuesday 25th January 2005:
In the morning... the tonsilitis strikes back!

So here we are in Wednesday. Tonsilitis. I'm thinking I'll skip the trip to Disney. They're only going for one two days. And they don't even want to go to the fun places with the rides. I'm thinking spending so much money to go there for such a short time isn't really worth it. Disney wasn't on my agenda anyway, but the Keys was. You know how it's like. Your parents never brought you to Disneyland, then you grow up, and then you don't want to go to Disneyland anymore. A lot of things seem to have lost its appeal of late. There are only a few places I want to go, like GenCon later this year, and Mardi Gras in New Orleans. And of course home, now that I've found a very good reason to go home ( and it's NOT the Preacher PVC set, although that is good to have ).

Friday, January 21, 2005

A bloodmobile dropped by the facility today, so I thought I would get over there and donate some blood.

No, wait. It didn't happen that way. We saw the blood donation sign this morning and the mention of a free shirt perked my interest. Work got into the way and I clean forgot about it until our localized Malaysian colleague here called us for the donation. So off I went with him. The things I would do for a free shirt. Cheap shit.

It was quite the experience though. The bloodmobile's insides were hollow - it has four beds, enough seats for four donors to sit and two interview booths where they take your health details, your pressure and pricked you to make sure you have enough iron in your blood. I spent quite sometime there as they tried to figure out if Georgetown, Penang was a risky area for malaria outbreaks. They should invest in a medical database or something.

So after the interrogation, I went off to one of the beds where they very nicely found the right vein to draw blood from. And then they stuck the needle into me and off I went to squeeze the sponge in my hands. All went well. Until the part they stopped the blood flow and directed the blood into tubes. At one point, my blood bubbled into the tube. That wasn't freaky. The freaky part was me feeling the pressure lessening. Did air go into my veins?

Very rarely, an air embolism is created when air is introduced into a patient's veins through the tubing used for intravenous infusion. The danger of embolism is greatest when infusion is begun or ended. Care must be taken to ensure that all air is bled out of the tubing before infusion begins and that infusion is stopped before air can enter the patients blood system.

Shit. Is this worth the free shirt, you cheap bastard? Time will tell, wouldn't it?

I think it's the loss of blood. I'm not such a miserable grouch anymore these days, but maybe the end of me might benefit the world more than the end of the world would benefit me.

Aargh, blood loss blood loss. No wonder why certain women are so grumpy once every month.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Cool dry air. That's what I'm getting in Florida now. Everytime I step out of a building, I take a deep breath and fill my lungs with nice cool air. Refreshing, really. You just let everything in and breathe out. Fantastic in the morning and after you step out of the office in the evening.

Good things sometimes have side effects though. Today I checked my nose, which seemed to have grown thicker over the past few days. There was a whole layer of noseshit stuck - STUCK - to the inner wall of my nose. Stuck! Imagine that! And it was thick, God it was thick. I flicked it into the toilet bowl and flushed it down.

Sigh. Not even a month and I already want to go home. It's true. You've been in Plantation once, you probably don't want to go back there anymore. Unless you like the food. Which I do. But that wouldn't work if you're trying to get rid of your "Fat Boy" image. One of my colleagues in Penang called me that, I shit you not. That bastard. *sob*.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

And on Saturday, I went back to Miami. Miami Beach, the Bayfront ( even had lunch there again ) and finally the seaquarium, which was new. The seaquarium, now that was new. Animal shows. Dolphin show, sea lion show, killer whale and dolphin show... pretty cool. Especially the killer whale, it was enormous. Only 6000 pounds, I think. Can probably flatten someone hehe. We also saw some manatee. Sea cows. Didn't hear them go moo though.

On Sunday we went to the Fort Lauderdale Beach. A raincloud did a flyby on us, sending us scampering for cover. For less than a minute. Then we went back to the beach and snapped pics of seagulls.

After that, it was off to the sexshop. Really nifty place, although I could have done with less adult videos and more adult toys. I think I only saw ONE sextoy for men. Apart from the cockrings and the penis pumps, which doesn't really count. Dildos and vibrators were aplenty though hehe. To be fair, there were fake vaginas and blowup dolls but come on, not really easy to smuggle that back. And my family will have many questions if they ever find it in my house. While we were in the shop, someone picked up one of the free magazines they had by the counter and it turned out to be ads for escorts around the area. Hehehe.

So, this begins week two of the trip. Four months, eh. Maybe less, if our manager has his way.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

I am what I eat. And right now, I'm rather cheesy. Sigh. I have only myself to blame. Buttery scrambled eggs in the morning, and a whole lot of cheesy stuff all throughout the day. Lots of meat too, mostly beef and pork. I'm starting to feel like a piece of pork cordon bleu, a nice round pig with melted cheese underneath my skin. It's very apparent when I walk - I can feel the oil and the grease and all the accummulated cheese wobbling sluggishly just below the surface of my flesh. No wonder why I no longer really feel hungry. There's grumbling in the stomach when I need food, but otherwise, I don't feel very hungry. It's like a strange eating malaise has settled over me.

Of course, all this food has also affected my gastrointestinal system. So, strangely cheesy-smelling farts and shit. The texture of my faeces too seem to have changed. Now a brighter shade of brown ( green? o colour blind me ), it also has lost some of the slime factor it had back in Penang. Sometimes, I don't even need to use the toilet paper anymore. Pretty nifty, eh.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Someday you'll remember where you were when you first heard no more late fees from Blockbuster.

Or something like that. Well, I know where I was. When too. 31st December 2004. Fort Worth, Dallas, Texas. Between 12pm to 12.30pm. Jetlagged, tired and drinking coffee. Oh yeah, that's when.

In other news, maybe we don't have to stay for four bloody months. God knows, I wanna go home now.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

One login and then suddenly the domains disappear from my laptop and I can no longer log in again. Great. Hey, Happy New Year 2005 to you folks out there. Here I am, stuck in the US, for four long months. Yes, we're stuck here for four long months. Half a year ago I might welcome this exile but now, home is where the heart is and the heart sure ain't in Plantation, Florida. I just wanna get the job done and go home.