Sunday, October 15, 2006

State of the Month October 2006

So here we are in the middle of the month. I wanna recap a couple of stuff which I've been wanting to blog about but never had the time until now.

The Wedding of Keantucky & Siput
Keantucky's this guy I've known since Standard 5. In fact, Standard 5 was the year he joined my primary school. That year, we became friends because we were both in the band together. Fast forward to being in the same class, joining the disciplinary boards, keeping in contact during the uni years (relatively, for I'm introverted) and then getting into the same company for our first job. Then he went off to KL to work, and now look, he finally married his university sweetheart Siput (who, fyi, is pretty hot - we cannot deny his good choice of mate).

For his wedding, Von Darke and I made a night trip to KL on Friday night after a lot of debate regarding the Penang Bridge jam. The WeiYi put us up in her house, where we whiled away the time watching Travel & Living and sipping whisky in the late hours of the day. Sunday night was the night of the wedding. It was a hazy day, but then, KL was hazy all the time we were there. We went off to Tropicana for first the wedding service (where I realized that the bible could get very sexist sometimes), and then the wedding dinner. It was nice to see my old friends again. Reminds me of the time back in school when I had more friends.

The New Team
Starting from this coming week, I'll be starting in a new project. Away from my old team. In fact, from what I've heard, I'll be working pretty much alone. Not that I mind, except that the nature of my new work seems to indicate that I'll just be cleaning up stuff and documenting the work of the senior engineer before me. It's just office boy work. And the senior engineer's going to get all the credit, so I'm going to end up doing essentially nothing for the next few months. I feel like MPPP. Or maybe a sacrificial lamb for someone else's convenience. But ah. What can I do? I'm being paid for this.

A New Laptop
My father's new laptop, wholly sponsored by me. That's a big dent in my bank account, largely because the purchase wasn't planned. It's a spiffy machine, endorsed by Von Darke himself. It'll arrive sometime this coming Monday. But, what a hole in the wallet. Right now, I've about RM100 to last until my salary is banked in again at the end of the month. Back to the days of university life, when RM100 could be stretched out to last one whole month. I'll need to lie low for awhile. Eat less. Eat cheap. Invest in a few packets of Maggi Mee.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Mantra of Serenity

In order to avoid a genocide on noisy people in my workplace, I repeat the following mantra:

My colleagues are retarded.
My colleagues are retarded.
My colleagues are retarded.
My colleagues are retarded.
My colleagues are retarded.
My colleagues are retarded.
My colleagues are retarded.
My colleagues are retarded.

Over and over again. The one sitting on the other side of the cube from me is the most retarded of all. Maybe he was dropped on his head when he was young. Maybe after he was orphaned, he had to make a lot of noise by himself to fend away the loneliness you would feel when your parents pass away when you're twelve. I don't know what his story is, but right now, the theory that he's noisy because of some severe mental retardation or trauma is the only thing keeping me from bludgeoning him to death with my brand new laptop.

I was actually contemplating on attending the teambuilding event this year. What the hell, right? Let's go out and make friends. After my office turned into a Beijing market this morning, they'll have to drag me to ANY event with them in chains, with me screaming bloody murder.

I'm sorry. I've actually been in rather high spirits ever since I came back from the KL wedding (which I *will* write about soon). Helped my mother with her PC hibernation issue. Bought a laptop for my dad (and I'll probably just starve for the rest of the month or something so he doesn't need to pay me back). But I just received news about my new assignment, and it's so not what I want to be doing for the next year or so. Add A WHOLE LOT OF NOISE IN THE OFFICE to that and my frame of mind just goes to hell. Everything I see is red now.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Mind Shift

There's this guy at work I would really love to kill. I want to bash his head in with one of the heavy walkie-talkies lying around. I want to wait in the carpark after work for him to make an appearance before ramming him down with my car. I want to kidnap him and torture him for the rest of my life. He really gets on my nerves with his constant noise. He sings (badly). He laughs loudly. He makes noises he thinks will amuse other people.

Today of all days, I feel at peace with his noise. Something in my mind shifted, and now I think he's just slightly retarded. I mean, I don't think he is. At least, the nice part of me doesn't. The dark blob of hateful darkness inside me INSISTS he's so retarded that he spends his free time staring into open space while drooling. The middle road Buddha in me calmly states that is merely him.

So I'm at peace. I might even nod encouragingly at him the next time he decides to shout at the OTHER retarded asshole on the other side of the office. I need to shift my mind even more to accommodate the rest of the people working here. Slowly. These things take time. This is a strange world indeed if I have to believe the worst of everyone in order for me to get along with them.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

At the Reception

So right. Yesterday was King Tut and Leaping's wedding. Von Darke and I actually arrived early, and he got drafted into becoming the photographer (cause the hired hand was late) while I got drafted into becoming the RECEPTIONIST. You know, the pretty girl who sits at a table and ticks off your name and gives you your table number? Yup, that was me. Except I ain't pretty and I've a perfectly functioning pair of balls and one nice long meat sausage dangling between my legs.

But hey. That was yesterday. Today is my girlfriend's godbrother's wedding dinner. She was the bridesmaid, so she was running up and down everywhere the whole of yesterday and today. We had a nice drive to Tanjung Country Club, and then somehow I ended up sitting behind the reception desk again. Overseeing the angpows again. It's an honour, yes, but I don't know why people keep trusting me with their money. Maybe I have that mafia hitman look. I know my cousin has the bouncer aura about him. You put money in front of him, no one's going to try to take it from him. He can FLATTEN you between his hands like a piece of roti canai. FLATTEN. I can't FLATTEN people like him, but I've been told I can get an intense homicidal aura going. That's good enough, right? This time, I even got to hold on to the money until halfway through the wedding. Woot.

Congratulations to King Tut & Leaping

Has it really been ten years? Bugger. I remember that Bon Odori when we were Lower 6 back in 1996. It was raining, Leaping's friends decided not to go and gave her vouchers worth RM100. So King Tut, her and I, who were on Scouts duty, had RM100 to spend. And I kept on bugging her for vouchers to buy Magnum ice cream. Dang. Should have gotten the Gormenghast T-shirt (RM20, but RM100 is a lot to eat).

And then there was the Inauguration Dinner back in 1997, when they both DANCED THE NIGHT AWAY. I mean, they were REALLY dancing the whole night. Right up until they were the only couple left on the dance floor. Like, wtf? The whole night! I can only imagine them having hot hot sex right now. With their stamina, they'll be at it the whole bloody night. But then again, I think they're very tired. They'll probably just go sleep and shag the whole of next day. WHAT STAMINA.

Anyway, I'm happy for them. Most relationships cannot last 5 years without marriage. They lasted 10. Do you know what kind of staying power you need for that? A WHOLE LOT. Now that's commitment you don't find nowadays. Which only ELEVATES my inner joy that they finally got married (because, as we know, I'm such a jaded bastard).

10 long years. And they finally got married. Wow. All I can say is, wow. All the best to them.

Note: FYI they got married on the 30th of September. Just, FYI. Since it's like 1.15am and I'm bloody drunk on account of the beers I had with Von Darke after the wedding.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Dying Battery

There's something about me and technology. My computer dies on a regular basis. The radio I work on die easily. And my car battery... haih. My car battery. Tonight, it wasn't dead. No. It was dying. There were lights, there was radio. But start the car? Nah. Sorry. No can do. Good thing Von Darke was almost home (but not quite home yet). He went back to the carpark and while my girlfriend held the torchlight (borrowed from the guard), we jumpstarted my car with his nifty jumper cables.

And that's cool. Gracias to all. BUT. We found out my car battery was faulty. It was leaking white stuff (which ain't sperm). My father didn't believe me though. Once again, it was all about me not filling the battery water. Which is true. Although the battery still had oodles and oodles of water. The cocksucker was LEAKING okay. You know how pissed I am or not?! *throws something on the floor for dramatic effect*

And now Guild Wars downloading at 3KB/sec! Wtf! Slow connection ftl!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Community Service Messages

On the radio, they can get preachy. Annoyingly so. Picture this: It's been a hard day at work. Your boss is pissed at you, you're feeling down, there's misery in the air. So on the way home, you turn on the radio hoping to hear Hilary Duff singing 'Wake Up' or maybe that 'Dejavu' song. I mean come on, even that 'Bad Day' song would be welcomed (it would be most apt indeed). The last thing you want to hear is some irritating voice telling you not to drive too fast.


THAT is exactly what you hear. And it doesn't even get to the point at once. It does that long-winded "3 words that can change your life blablabla" then some schmucks come in and chime "I love you" and "God bless you" and "That's the loo" and then they go on with the accident stuff and suddenly we have negative thoughts like "Oh my God" and "Damn I'm screwed" and "Not my fault". Do people really want to listen to this on the way home from work while stuck in a traffic jam? It's a wonder road rage incidents haven't spiked. I just hate that holier-than-thou tone the voice takes. Hate. HATE. Makes me want to step down on the accelerator and hit something. Like maybe the old lady standing on the side of the road or something. Or whoever they hired to annoy listeners.

In the US, radio stations were full of ads in the morning, and they played mostly songs in the evening. In Malaysia, DJs yak ALL DAY over the air. Goddamnit, would it kill to just play songs? It's the radio! Play songs!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The End, The Beginning

That's the end of my Frank Flynn days. It was a bitch putting everything back together again. I figure that everyone now thinks I'm dead and gone forever, so it's probably safe to crawl out of the woodwork again to bask in obscurity.

Amazing how it's always the worst of days which spur me into action. To recap, I went under as Armasazi (I'm not there anymore, but someone else could be). Too many people who shoulnd't know about this knew about this. Enough time has gone by that no one remembers me anymore. So I can go about the job of getting to know everybody again. Apparently, a clean start isn't what I wanted. I wanted to revise everybody's opinion of me so that they would think of me as some nice guy instead of that despicable asshole. Fat chance of that happening. I know Tony Stark once used a device to make everyone forget he was Iron-Man, but I think that got destroyed somehow. And the Avengers, especially Captain America, wasn't happy with him either.

Where am I now anyway? Like, what is the state of the union? What is the status quo? The answer, simply, is not very good. The past couple of months have seen a severe deterioration of drive. Work has sucked me lifeless - all I do is go home and play Guild Wars. Heck, I wasn't even playing Guild Wars properly. Bought Prophecies a couple of months after it launched. Then I stopped playing. Then I heard that Factions was coming out, so I restarted a new character. Played a bit too, and then stopped again. And then I heard Nightfall was coming out. So I played the second character earnestly, and before I knew it, I had already completed both campaigns with Ilfar Danan. These nights, I go home and play with my spankingly brilliant mesmer called Siew Mei. Someday I might even post pics of Her Royal Dominatrixness.

That's on the PC gaming front. My PS2 is firmly entrenched in the hall now, for use of my father. He seems to like the bout games very much. Boxing, Mortal Kombat... I tried to get him to play Bloodrayne, but I think he didn't really get the 3rd person action adventure genre. Just saying it's goodbye to my PS2 gaming days (not that Guild Wars leaves me a lot of time for anything else).

Work? Don't talk to me about work. I would actually resign and get a new job, but damnit, I'm too lazy to do anything but fix easy bugs. There is no drive. The drive is gone. I don't know where the hell it went to. Worse, the drive is gone from EVERYWHERE. The only drive left is to do stuff in Guild Wars, and that's only because of the game mechanics which appeal to my obsessive-compulsive side (gotta cap 'em all!).

Healthwise, I'm getting fat (so, what else is new?). My stomach was bloated this morning. Worrying, really. Maybe I should stop eating for awhile to see what happens. Doesn't help that I have about a million weddings to attend in the coming weekends. I feel HORRIBLE about missing Siew Mei's (the friend, not my GW persona) wedding, but the coming ones... uh... well, maybe I will feel bad about missing them. I mean, old friends I haven't seen in aeons, yeah. Family I haven't seen in aeons, yeah. Damnit, I'm getting soft in my old age.

Anyway, end of recap. Will I blog more these days now that Prosian Thoughts is back in business? Don't know. Don't really care. No one knows I'm here anymore anyway. Well, Von Darke will be informed. And a couple of other people. Maybe this will be a footnote for my blog. "In the end, he came home and died." Something sweet like that.

Let it Slide

In a broader talk rejecting any religious motivation for violence, Benedict cited the words of a 14th-century Byzantine emperor who characterized some teachings of Muhammad as "evil and inhuman," particularly "his command to spread by the sword the faith."

And this is what Popey said:

Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.

So okay, that's being taken way out of context (cause apparently the Pope didn't agree with that - he was just using it as an example), but then, those schmucks went to do this:

"We tell the worshipper of the cross (the Pope) that you and the West will be defeated, as is the case in Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya," said a Web statement by the Mujahideen Shura Council, an umbrella group led by Iraq's branch of al Qaeda.

"We shall break the cross and spill the wine," said the statement, posted on Sunday on an Internet site often used by al Qaeda and other militant groups.

Over-reaction, much? And of course, there was the Italian nun killing which could be related. That's right, you idiots. Go ahead and prove Ratzinger right. Holy war's the answer to EVERYTHING these days, isn't it? Haihhh. It's getting old. The Pope's getting old. He might have made a mistake. His words could have been taken out of context. Or, he could just be goading you extremist "I solve everything with a bomb" militants to solve this issue with a bomb. Let it slide. He's already issued an apology. Don't prove him right by picking up that sword. Just go bitch about it on your blog or something.

Sometimes, I think religion causes more problems than it solves.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Of Dolphins & Leeches

Yes they do. If you're a dolphin, you could be peacefully swimming in the nice blue sea when suddenly, this big gang of dolphins start humping you. Ditto if you're a duck. Or a goose. It's savage, but that's nature. You're a duck, happily waddling in a pond, and then suddenly this huge-assed black duck pounces on you and starts shoving its dirty yellow beak up your ass. Now how would that feel? Or maybe you get gangraped in the sky by a flock of other ducks while flying south for winter. Everyone thinks humans getting raped is bad, but no one is there to bring nature's rapists to justice. Goddamn non-consensual monsters.

Why am I researching dolphin rape? Cause I'm stuck fixing a dead-end bug which has been tearing my soul apart for the past couple of weeks. It's not easy, it's not fun, it's frustrating. It's more elusive than Carmen Sandiego in the final mission of "Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?". I've been feeling so horrible. So so horrible. Do not walk by my cubicle. You might just get mauled to bloody ribbons of red flesh.

In other news, my cubemate reported that his mother's friend's friend died because she had leeches living in her stomach. Yes, leeches, those damn little bloodsuckers. They live in leafy green vegetables (or so the story goes), and if they're not dead when you eat them, they'll start interior decorating your intestines and stomach and live there. Then they'll have sex with each other or breed asexually, and they'll lay their little eggs in all those niches in your intestines. Those small, roundish, yellow eggs. And then the eggs will hatch, and little baby leeches will slither out, and then they'll have leech sex and before you know it, there are thousands of leeches living inside your stomach. Apparently, at this point, your stomach will get bloated. And there will be nothing you can do but die. An operation to remove the leeches will be futile on account of their sharp leechy teeth which bite into the walls of your stomach. Is this true? Is this false? I don't know. My cubemate just said so.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Slowing Down on Guild Wars

I've been working hard on Guild Wars. Really hard. So hard that when I sleep, I dream I'm playing the game. It happened last night. Due to the late nights spent playing Guild Wars, I quaffed two shots of Vasparov (if only to conserve my spankingly brand new Dewars) and went to bed at 2am. This after finishing a couple of Conan (the Cimmerian, not the detective) stories. Winked out, and then I was back in Cantha, fighting the Am Fah in the crowded streets of Kaineng City. Oh how easy life is when you can kill some bad guys and discover a rare bow.

Anyway, Guild Wars has been taking up a lot of my life lately. I was finally able to finish the Factions story quests over the weekend. And then I went back to finish up the side quests of the other faction which I wasn't using. So actually, it wasn't all that hard to finish up Guild Wars. Or at least the main storyline. I just... went off track earlier because I wasn't playing the game right.

Now it's time to slow down a bit, maybe go back to Tyria to finish up the high level stuff... and wait for Nightfall in October.

In other news, if you're heading off to the mamak on the other side of the road from your office and you see dark clouds all over the place, please bring an umbrella. Don't end up soaked like me.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Gemmell Dies

Fantasy writer Gemmell dies at 57

Another light goes out in the world. David Gemmell, with books like Legend, Waylander and the like, will never again thrill us with his unique storytelling. I don't think he ever completed his Troy trilogy. The story of the Rigante is over. Worst of all, no more tales of the Drenai *sob*.

There are some people in this world who deserve to die, and there are some who should live forever. David Gemmell falls into the latter category. His stories have been more inspirational to me than all the inspirational books I've read. Maybe God got sick of waiting for good fantasy stories in Heaven and plucked one of Earth's finest. His gain, our loss. David Gemmell will be missed.

Monday, June 26, 2006

The Stand

There. That's it. It's done. I shut the book with a satisfying thump, and put it on my table. I've finally finished Stephen King's The Stand. Unabridged. Uncut. Complete. All 1421 pages of it. Me, who have been having problems reading Lovecraftian short stories and shallow literary standins of Jack's Bad Day. Once again, I stand in awe of the master, for words truly are his power. The Stand, a book which I would never have considered reading in the past, devoured in less than a month of reading. By the end, I am sad and regretful that my journey with King's epic cast has come to an end. It was not without some reluctance (but with such hurried anticipation!) that I ended The Stand.

Now that top management in my company has decreed that we should work hard (and not work late for the sake of working), I intend to make an effort leave work early to read more. Only people like King and David Gemmell can make me miss the joy of reading, the art of throwing myself into another place another time another person... and living the lives of millions. A good book is always better than a vacation elsewhere. And cheaper, too.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Jim Wang on Bananas before Meals

"One banana before each meal helps you live one year longer."
- Jim Wang

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Valuation Day

The valuer from Jones & Lang went to value my new house today. Well, technically, the house's about 12 years old, that's why the bank wants a valuation report. Since my mother knows the current tenant living there and the owner ( who doesn't have the key anyway ) is out of town, I went to get the key from the tenant. She's still in the process of moving out, so her stuff is still all around the place. I've gotta admit, the place is pretty quiet in the late afternoon. Peaceful. I didn't see anyone around except for an old man wearing his shoes. I presume he was going to go jog in the nearby park, although it was hot enough to roast a chicken on the road AND kill the bird flu it's infected with.

So the valuer came, the valuer valued, and then the valuer told me she was done. The tenant had requested that I bring her the air filter she left in the house, so I spent most of the time trying to unplug the air filter. It must have been there forever, cause it did take me some considerable effort to take that plug out. Memo to self: Oil that power socket. After the struggle with the socket, I lugged the air filter out, pretended the guard outside didn't exist, and then continued carrying the air filter to the tenant's house under the hot hot sun. Contrary to popular belief, the 5pm sun can kill you.

That was basically how the valuation went. Initially the valuer told me that the process would take about half an hour, but it ended up taking only about fifteen minutes. Give or take five minutes. I was too busy figuring out the best way to unplug the air filter at that time.

Fast forward to the night. 10pm, and we had just finished a code inspection. I went down with a couple of my colleagues, and on the way to the bank, I slipped on the wet floor and fell on my ass. Ouch. I thought it was going to rain. I didn't know it had already rained. I don't really feel any pain right now, although my left foot is starting to feel uncomfortable. Tomorrow, on the other hand, might prove to be interesting for my body.

Right after the bank, I went off to see Von Darke. Aye, he's back in town ( and here to stay, apparently ). He passed me my laptop hard drive, so my colleagues at work will now have more data than they ever wish they had.

You know how most days it's just work work work? And then you have days like today, where it's work interspersed with much needed exercise under the hot sun with the occasional fall. And when I reached home at 11pm, those savages downstairs were having a live show in the basketball court. It was really loud. Good thing they've stopped now that it's almost midnight. Man, my windows were vibrating.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

IM Bot Takeover

One of my friends (over IM) have been taken over by a bot. An Eliza-type of bot.

[Me] what are you watching these days
[Bot] nothing particular
[Me] how's prison break?
[Bot] on going
[Me] i was reading an article about prison life
[Bot] how's that affecting you?
[Me] apparently there's a lot of rape going on in there
[Me] test
[Me] how are you today
[Bot] i'm good
[Me] i had a marshmallow for tea
[Bot] a marshmallow
[Me] the moon is made out of green cheese
[Bot] the moon is not green in color
[Me] a solution for the greenhouse effect is to eliminate 90% of the current human population
[Bot] is to stop ppl from farting too much
[Me] a friend you could never have before
[Bot] i friend i never had
(slight pause in conversation)
[Bot] what are you watching nowadays?
[Me] 24
[Me] and reading some comics
[Bot] as usual

Notice the non-directional answers e.g. "nothing particular". Or the random answers e.g. "is to stop ppl from farting too much". And then there are those answers which are triggered by certain words e.g. "the moon is made out of green cheese" triggered "the moon is not green in color".

Note that the pause in the conversation above is a time trigger for more realism. After a session of answer/questions, the bot's idle timer (probably randomly set) times out, causing the bot to ask a random question ("what are you watching nowadays?") followed by a random answer ("as usual") to any answer typed in.

My suspicions were raised when I got the "how's that affecting you" response. Thus the slew of unrelated statements to test the bot's logic. Slowly, one by one, these damn bots are taking over my friends.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Springtime for Hitler & Germany

Springtime for Hitler and Germany
Deutschland is happy and gay
We're marching to a faster pace
Look out, here comes the master race

The Producers. Heh. And to think I thought there won't be any good musicals anymore. Mel Brooks' musical remake of the Broadway hit (which came from his 1968 movie) is simply FABULOUS, I tell you. The songs, the jokes, Ulla, Springtime for Hitler and Germany... man, CLASSIC.

I know I didn't bother with Chicago and Moulin Rouge. They didn't sound really enticing. The moment I read about The Producers while looking for movies to watch over the weekend, I was sold. There's something about Mel Brooks which will always get me to the cinema.

Right now, I've got 'Springtime for Hitler and Germany' looping on Windows Media Player. Soon I'll go find that soundtrack. It's just so... so... so FABULOUS *scream*!

Friday, March 31, 2006

Month Without Blog

Well, almost. I figured I put this post in before March rolled by. It's been one hectic month. Here are some of the things I've done:
  • Signed the Sales & Purchase document and got a loan for the house my girlfriend and I are buying
  • Came down with MSG poisoning (although I suspect it's stress)
  • Got bogged down with A LOT of work
  • Unravelled by antihistamines
  • Put on weight (like what else is new?)
Anyway. My bosses think I'm incompetent. Can't be helped. I've been distracted the whole month by the signing of the S&P. The toll was finally felt this week - I spent the better part of a week trying to debug some silly algorithm and I got nowhere. Nowhere! Now that all the legal stuff is done, I'm starting to get my groove back. Not all at once, mind you. It seems like everytime I swear I'll revert to cool silent and deadly, things just fall apart and I start running around begging for help. It's disgustingly embarrassing, I tell you.

This is it then. It's time to Bauer my current project.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Laying on the Adipose Layers

Obesity can sneak up on you like a thief in the night. One packet of Cheezels too many, and suddenly there's an extra layer of fat on the tummy. It's tragic how quickly I can gain weight, especially when I take forever to grow just a little thinner. Right now, my stomach is highly flexible. One of the ways I torture myself in the shower is by gathering water in between the folds of stomach fat I have. Then I walk around the toilet for awhile before the emotional pain becomes too much to bear. At that point I let my stomach flop down and watch everything go down the drain with a heavy heart.

Watching my food doesn't seem to be working. I can eat little for lunch and dinner, but somewhere along the line, I'll just lose it and go on to devour everything edible in sight. Kinda like a bear after waking up from a nice bout of hibernation. I fear that age is causing me a lot in terms of mental discipline. Gone is that aluminium will which drove me to do exercise just about everyday. Now all I have is a rubbery will that occasionally gets me off my ass to walk around the house for awhile.

This is how fat middle-aged men are produced. Slowly. Surely. Inevitable.

You cannot run from fatty destiny.

RM0.30 More

That's 26.04 liters for RM50! I was about to ask how could the government allow such a travesty, but then, I remember that those on top just want to get richer. Bonus, much? I don't buy the propaganda about how Malaysia's petrol is still cheaper than other countries ( apart from Brunei ), and the fact that the savings will be used “to pay for development projects and improving the public transport system for the benefit of all people" just leaves me cold. Isn't that why I pay my damn taxes? And if the government were better at managing development, stuff like the Jelutong highway would have been completed earlier and everyone would have saved more money. Bastards.

Here's a better plan on how to solve this problem. Get a group of like-minded people. Look for the people responsible for this robbery of the Malaysian people. Torture their families in front of them, THEN torture them. Make sure all this is broadcasted live on local television. Make them an example. That'll teach the rich to get richer at the cost of the non-rich.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Pulling Off a Jack Day 4

There. I've always wanted to break away from that "Oh look, he has a blog. Go read. He disses everyone in it!" trap I managed to weave myself into. And this is how I've done it. Moved everything away from the old site, set up shop with a new template, tweaked some links in my old posts for compatibility with the new URL name. Of course, just about no one knows about this new URL. Which, er, is good in a way. Too many people got to know of my old blog. Some of those people were VERY dangerous. Which is why I had to pull off a Jack Bauer end of Day 4. I always thought I would just leave this one to wither and die while starting another blog somewhere else. Actually tried that twice, in fact. But in the end I figure this way is better. I just never thought moving away from the old one would be like this.

So here we are, new start and all. Kinda empty, eh. It's okay. New identity, new posts. I might even hit that 1000th post someday too.

Thursday, February 09, 2006


This has happened before. Sore throat, sore tongue, general feeling of illness. In fact, it happened around the same time of the year last year too. I'm hypothesizing that this is due to orbital factors. Can't say it's the weather, cause the weather in Plantation last year was wonderful and it's just bloody hot now in Penang. Temporal would be a little bit harder to justify - if that's the case, this tongue issue is my version of an annual period. No, I'm going with orbital. The Earth is now a certain distance from the sun, and gravitational factors have led to my hormones changing ( and my teeth growing sharper, if the doctor is to be believed ). And thus, the painful tongue and attendant fever / sore throat / cold / headache / swollen eyes.

The software department I'm working in ( a very big department ) was having their quarterly meeting today when I walked out of the office. I want to say how cool it is that I almost always have an excuse not to attend that department meeting, but I'm starting to fear that enough more times of non-attendance and I'm going to be fired. Especially since our department head always seem to know that I'm not attending that meeting.

I must stop now, for I have a conference call in four minutes. There is truly no rest for the wicked.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Evil Tea

I had a cup of Beh tea ( named after the guy who gave it to me before he left for UK ) and damnit, I feel dead now. Maybe it's expired tea. Or maybe he spiked it with trace amounts of cynide. Whatever the case, I'm suddenly feeling dizzy and my stomach's real queasy. Is it really the tea? Is it the free roti canai and curry chicken I had for breakfast this morning. No one else seems to be suffering from dizziness and numb fingers and general stomach discomfort, so either I'm dying of something rare or it's the tea.

I was supposed to go "lou sang" with my other colleagues today, but I decided against it due to this sudden bout of weakness. It's nice that they invited me, but strangely, ever since this year started, I've been feeling exceptionally avoidant of people. It doesn't help that things start getting in the way when I want to go hang out with other folks. Is this truly all my making? Will I poison myself in order to avoid socializing with people? To what extent is my subconscious directing my actions?

Or, it could be the excess food I've eaten during CNY. Oh yes, here comes the price for gluttony. All those peanut cookies and kuih kapek is coming back to haunt me now by bringing me to my knees in a horrible moment of weakness.

Or, it could be my mind bringing me to my knees. I've recently noticed a surge of willpower here and there in my daily life. Admittedly, it's not all that likely, but the mind's been known to be able to accomplish certain feats, especially when the directives come from the subconscious. Yes, my greatest enemy is myself. This is such a fun way to go about life ( Hey, didn't I just cover this in an earlier paragraph? You see! I'm not thinking straight! It is a case of food poisoning! ).

Monday, January 30, 2006

Happy Chinese New Year 2006

Woof woof! It's the Year of the Dog!

I've eaten so much over the past few days I just know I have ballooned up. The end of CNY this year will see some serious food guilt. Actually, the guilt's already creeping up on me, but if I crumble now, I'll never finish all the food in my house. All the lovely peanut cookies and choc chip cookies and kuih kapek... brrr.

The sun has been searingly hot, making this just like another hot CNY. I've only been around town these few days, and the traffic's been admirable. I know there are a lot of cars in Penang right now, but it seems that the majority of them are not in Georgetown. Heard the bridge is jammed real tight though. And just before that, on the eve of CNY, the highway. My advice to the prodigal ones coming home - avoid the rush by travelling when no one else is.

I hope this year brings everyone more fun challenges, more luck and more money. Ganbatte!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Stranded in Prangin

Stranded, yes. By the 6pm - 7pm traffic jam. My insurance agent informed me that my Maybank account had dried up. Since it was on autodebit mode, I had to haul ass over to Prangin Mall to deposit money into my Maybank account. It was while crossing the road when I realized that none of the vehicles on the road were moving. Jammed. Stuck. Like a gerbil up the ass.

So I contributed to our budaya lepak by loitering around Prangin Mall, exceptionally wary of crude homemade bombs ( I exhibit my wariness by avoiding crowded areas, of which there was none, given that it's a Thursday evening ). The traffic did dry up after awhile. And then I went home. But not before I got tempted to buy a whole lot of stuff. Man, the mall. It is filled with lots of stuff to buy.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Christmas 2005 Came Late

It's like Christmas. The KL Rose bought me a Malcolm Reynolds action figure from the US, so she's going to heaven. Von Darke helped me bring back a bottle of JD which Geoffrey got for me, and the Simoniac sold me his bottle of Absolut Kurant for RM40. Now I have two liters of alcohol in my fridge and Mal ( Mal! OMG MAL! I'm gonna get me a browncoat someday ) looking at me.

Jack, Mal and Mr. Kurant

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Si Bukit Ada Mata

Violence and sex make for good movies. That's why I tend to prefer gory films over the dramas. Gory films usually have a healthy amount of bloodletting in them along with some form of sex ( be it nudity or related acts ). I find onscreen violence to be a form of escapism which I really like. That's why I watch 24 - I feel a little happy in my heart everytime Jack Bauer opens up a can of whupass on some bad guy. And then there's the sex = pr0n = always a good thing, even if it's just simulated or plain nudity in gore flicks.

Having just finished High Tension ( FANTASTIC! ), I'm now looking forward to the following movies:

Hard Candy
Saw II
Si Bukit Ada Mata
Wolf Creek

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Happy 2nd Anniversary, 3rd Job

Today marks the 2nd year I've been working in my current company. Two years ago, I came here a little lost, looking to drown myself in work willingly. Today, I'm drowning in work, desperately looking for way out of all this drowning. See? Careful what you wish for.

Today also marks my first day of work after a lazy 2 week ( approximately ) vacation. To celebrate my homecoming, my boss decides to unload some critical work on my lap. Which is why I, now, am still in the office past 11pm. Even though I feel totally poofed. My mental stamina has deteriorated. Not even marathon sessions of Point Pleasant and Cleopatra 2525 ( two series which I dearly love ) could help me maintain my mental stamina for work. Then again, I'm always half asleep on Mondays, so it's probably just my brains getting rusty as usual.

The IronKok, who joined on the same day as me, also celebrates his 2nd anniversary here. He did it by distributing chocolates all around. Man, he must really love this company and its people. It's true, the best way to make people like you is to bribe your way into their hearts through their stomachs. Deep down, everybody's a greedy bastard. It was weird when the IronKok's girlfriend wished me Happy Anniversary this morning though.

So two years later, I look back and see how much things have changed. The first year was a good year. It was the only time I actually felt like I was in a team. Small team, everyone knew everybody else, we ate lunch together, the team was international enough for me to feel like it was the team in Classic X-Men #1. Now, the team has been dissolved to the far ends of the department. The IronKok and the Internet ( another guy ) have found their own cliques ( different ones, mind you ). One of the girls have left for Cyberjaya where she got married, another has been transferred to another team where she's happier. The one guy I used to go for trainings with ( we did Singapore together back in 2004, and just last month - 2005 - we went for another training course together in PSDC ) is leaving the company again. He left at the end of 2004 to do his masters. Now he's leaving to pursue his PHd. Ironic how friendships survive only to be doomed to fade away in the future. There were others too. Back then, with a team so small, we invariably made friends with everyone else who came in at the same time. There's Fye and MelorTelor and some other folks. Of course, all the folks I like have to leave the company / team.

That leaves me. Teamless in the sense of friendship. I haven't been able to blend in comfortably ever since my department turned China in a hurry. Not that I have anything against that. It's just sometimes I think I might think too differently from the rest of them. And in this place, that kind of mentality of being different isn't really recommended. So here I end my 2 year anniversary at this place of work. Alone. With the occasional team support. Kinda like Jack ( Bauer, not the doctor from Lost ) on one of his days. Just not so dramatic, you know. Or action-packed. Or exciting. Or explosive.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Today being the last day of my holidays, I decided to do something useful. I went banking. Big time. Closed three accounts, moved money ( what little I had left in those accounts ) around... stuff like that. The highlight of my banking trip was the Indian guy at the Southern Bank cash deposit machine. He took an insane amount of time depositing RM50k in RM50 denominations. Plus, the machine kept on rejecting his notes ( it rejected quite a number of my notes too ), so he kept on reinserting his cash. Again and again and again. RM50k. Phew. Maybe he had more and he just didn't want to tell the truth.

After the nice banking trip, I decided to do a little hiking. Only made it up to Number 5 this time. I wanted to avoid the after office rush hour, but in actual fact, I'm really out of shape. So I hurried down, did one round around the gardens and then I went home. Poofed. I feel so heavy now. Like a giant fat slug ready to roll over and sleep.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year 2006

We bid a fond farewell to 2005, and off we go with 2006!

With painful joints due to some gym action *ow*.