Monday, January 30, 2006

Happy Chinese New Year 2006

Woof woof! It's the Year of the Dog!

I've eaten so much over the past few days I just know I have ballooned up. The end of CNY this year will see some serious food guilt. Actually, the guilt's already creeping up on me, but if I crumble now, I'll never finish all the food in my house. All the lovely peanut cookies and choc chip cookies and kuih kapek... brrr.

The sun has been searingly hot, making this just like another hot CNY. I've only been around town these few days, and the traffic's been admirable. I know there are a lot of cars in Penang right now, but it seems that the majority of them are not in Georgetown. Heard the bridge is jammed real tight though. And just before that, on the eve of CNY, the highway. My advice to the prodigal ones coming home - avoid the rush by travelling when no one else is.

I hope this year brings everyone more fun challenges, more luck and more money. Ganbatte!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Stranded in Prangin

Stranded, yes. By the 6pm - 7pm traffic jam. My insurance agent informed me that my Maybank account had dried up. Since it was on autodebit mode, I had to haul ass over to Prangin Mall to deposit money into my Maybank account. It was while crossing the road when I realized that none of the vehicles on the road were moving. Jammed. Stuck. Like a gerbil up the ass.

So I contributed to our budaya lepak by loitering around Prangin Mall, exceptionally wary of crude homemade bombs ( I exhibit my wariness by avoiding crowded areas, of which there was none, given that it's a Thursday evening ). The traffic did dry up after awhile. And then I went home. But not before I got tempted to buy a whole lot of stuff. Man, the mall. It is filled with lots of stuff to buy.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Christmas 2005 Came Late

It's like Christmas. The KL Rose bought me a Malcolm Reynolds action figure from the US, so she's going to heaven. Von Darke helped me bring back a bottle of JD which Geoffrey got for me, and the Simoniac sold me his bottle of Absolut Kurant for RM40. Now I have two liters of alcohol in my fridge and Mal ( Mal! OMG MAL! I'm gonna get me a browncoat someday ) looking at me.

Jack, Mal and Mr. Kurant

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Si Bukit Ada Mata

Violence and sex make for good movies. That's why I tend to prefer gory films over the dramas. Gory films usually have a healthy amount of bloodletting in them along with some form of sex ( be it nudity or related acts ). I find onscreen violence to be a form of escapism which I really like. That's why I watch 24 - I feel a little happy in my heart everytime Jack Bauer opens up a can of whupass on some bad guy. And then there's the sex = pr0n = always a good thing, even if it's just simulated or plain nudity in gore flicks.

Having just finished High Tension ( FANTASTIC! ), I'm now looking forward to the following movies:

Hard Candy
Saw II
Si Bukit Ada Mata
Wolf Creek

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Happy 2nd Anniversary, 3rd Job

Today marks the 2nd year I've been working in my current company. Two years ago, I came here a little lost, looking to drown myself in work willingly. Today, I'm drowning in work, desperately looking for way out of all this drowning. See? Careful what you wish for.

Today also marks my first day of work after a lazy 2 week ( approximately ) vacation. To celebrate my homecoming, my boss decides to unload some critical work on my lap. Which is why I, now, am still in the office past 11pm. Even though I feel totally poofed. My mental stamina has deteriorated. Not even marathon sessions of Point Pleasant and Cleopatra 2525 ( two series which I dearly love ) could help me maintain my mental stamina for work. Then again, I'm always half asleep on Mondays, so it's probably just my brains getting rusty as usual.

The IronKok, who joined on the same day as me, also celebrates his 2nd anniversary here. He did it by distributing chocolates all around. Man, he must really love this company and its people. It's true, the best way to make people like you is to bribe your way into their hearts through their stomachs. Deep down, everybody's a greedy bastard. It was weird when the IronKok's girlfriend wished me Happy Anniversary this morning though.

So two years later, I look back and see how much things have changed. The first year was a good year. It was the only time I actually felt like I was in a team. Small team, everyone knew everybody else, we ate lunch together, the team was international enough for me to feel like it was the team in Classic X-Men #1. Now, the team has been dissolved to the far ends of the department. The IronKok and the Internet ( another guy ) have found their own cliques ( different ones, mind you ). One of the girls have left for Cyberjaya where she got married, another has been transferred to another team where she's happier. The one guy I used to go for trainings with ( we did Singapore together back in 2004, and just last month - 2005 - we went for another training course together in PSDC ) is leaving the company again. He left at the end of 2004 to do his masters. Now he's leaving to pursue his PHd. Ironic how friendships survive only to be doomed to fade away in the future. There were others too. Back then, with a team so small, we invariably made friends with everyone else who came in at the same time. There's Fye and MelorTelor and some other folks. Of course, all the folks I like have to leave the company / team.

That leaves me. Teamless in the sense of friendship. I haven't been able to blend in comfortably ever since my department turned China in a hurry. Not that I have anything against that. It's just sometimes I think I might think too differently from the rest of them. And in this place, that kind of mentality of being different isn't really recommended. So here I end my 2 year anniversary at this place of work. Alone. With the occasional team support. Kinda like Jack ( Bauer, not the doctor from Lost ) on one of his days. Just not so dramatic, you know. Or action-packed. Or exciting. Or explosive.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Today being the last day of my holidays, I decided to do something useful. I went banking. Big time. Closed three accounts, moved money ( what little I had left in those accounts ) around... stuff like that. The highlight of my banking trip was the Indian guy at the Southern Bank cash deposit machine. He took an insane amount of time depositing RM50k in RM50 denominations. Plus, the machine kept on rejecting his notes ( it rejected quite a number of my notes too ), so he kept on reinserting his cash. Again and again and again. RM50k. Phew. Maybe he had more and he just didn't want to tell the truth.

After the nice banking trip, I decided to do a little hiking. Only made it up to Number 5 this time. I wanted to avoid the after office rush hour, but in actual fact, I'm really out of shape. So I hurried down, did one round around the gardens and then I went home. Poofed. I feel so heavy now. Like a giant fat slug ready to roll over and sleep.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year 2006

We bid a fond farewell to 2005, and off we go with 2006!

With painful joints due to some gym action *ow*.