Thursday, January 05, 2006

Happy 2nd Anniversary, 3rd Job

Today marks the 2nd year I've been working in my current company. Two years ago, I came here a little lost, looking to drown myself in work willingly. Today, I'm drowning in work, desperately looking for way out of all this drowning. See? Careful what you wish for.

Today also marks my first day of work after a lazy 2 week ( approximately ) vacation. To celebrate my homecoming, my boss decides to unload some critical work on my lap. Which is why I, now, am still in the office past 11pm. Even though I feel totally poofed. My mental stamina has deteriorated. Not even marathon sessions of Point Pleasant and Cleopatra 2525 ( two series which I dearly love ) could help me maintain my mental stamina for work. Then again, I'm always half asleep on Mondays, so it's probably just my brains getting rusty as usual.

The IronKok, who joined on the same day as me, also celebrates his 2nd anniversary here. He did it by distributing chocolates all around. Man, he must really love this company and its people. It's true, the best way to make people like you is to bribe your way into their hearts through their stomachs. Deep down, everybody's a greedy bastard. It was weird when the IronKok's girlfriend wished me Happy Anniversary this morning though.

So two years later, I look back and see how much things have changed. The first year was a good year. It was the only time I actually felt like I was in a team. Small team, everyone knew everybody else, we ate lunch together, the team was international enough for me to feel like it was the team in Classic X-Men #1. Now, the team has been dissolved to the far ends of the department. The IronKok and the Internet ( another guy ) have found their own cliques ( different ones, mind you ). One of the girls have left for Cyberjaya where she got married, another has been transferred to another team where she's happier. The one guy I used to go for trainings with ( we did Singapore together back in 2004, and just last month - 2005 - we went for another training course together in PSDC ) is leaving the company again. He left at the end of 2004 to do his masters. Now he's leaving to pursue his PHd. Ironic how friendships survive only to be doomed to fade away in the future. There were others too. Back then, with a team so small, we invariably made friends with everyone else who came in at the same time. There's Fye and MelorTelor and some other folks. Of course, all the folks I like have to leave the company / team.

That leaves me. Teamless in the sense of friendship. I haven't been able to blend in comfortably ever since my department turned China in a hurry. Not that I have anything against that. It's just sometimes I think I might think too differently from the rest of them. And in this place, that kind of mentality of being different isn't really recommended. So here I end my 2 year anniversary at this place of work. Alone. With the occasional team support. Kinda like Jack ( Bauer, not the doctor from Lost ) on one of his days. Just not so dramatic, you know. Or action-packed. Or exciting. Or explosive.

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nur said...

oits happy 2nd yr anni..haisshh u simply add jadi melortelor pulakk :P u arr..!! hahaha..