Saturday, January 21, 2006

Si Bukit Ada Mata

Violence and sex make for good movies. That's why I tend to prefer gory films over the dramas. Gory films usually have a healthy amount of bloodletting in them along with some form of sex ( be it nudity or related acts ). I find onscreen violence to be a form of escapism which I really like. That's why I watch 24 - I feel a little happy in my heart everytime Jack Bauer opens up a can of whupass on some bad guy. And then there's the sex = pr0n = always a good thing, even if it's just simulated or plain nudity in gore flicks.

Having just finished High Tension ( FANTASTIC! ), I'm now looking forward to the following movies:

Hard Candy
Saw II
Si Bukit Ada Mata
Wolf Creek


glinar said...

what's si bukit ada mata??

Nicholas Prose said...

Scary, isn't it? Just saying it out loud gives me the shivers. Goodness.

glinar said...

err...not scary coz i dont know what it is lah..