Thursday, January 26, 2006

Stranded in Prangin

Stranded, yes. By the 6pm - 7pm traffic jam. My insurance agent informed me that my Maybank account had dried up. Since it was on autodebit mode, I had to haul ass over to Prangin Mall to deposit money into my Maybank account. It was while crossing the road when I realized that none of the vehicles on the road were moving. Jammed. Stuck. Like a gerbil up the ass.

So I contributed to our budaya lepak by loitering around Prangin Mall, exceptionally wary of crude homemade bombs ( I exhibit my wariness by avoiding crowded areas, of which there was none, given that it's a Thursday evening ). The traffic did dry up after awhile. And then I went home. But not before I got tempted to buy a whole lot of stuff. Man, the mall. It is filled with lots of stuff to buy.

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