Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Laying on the Adipose Layers

Obesity can sneak up on you like a thief in the night. One packet of Cheezels too many, and suddenly there's an extra layer of fat on the tummy. It's tragic how quickly I can gain weight, especially when I take forever to grow just a little thinner. Right now, my stomach is highly flexible. One of the ways I torture myself in the shower is by gathering water in between the folds of stomach fat I have. Then I walk around the toilet for awhile before the emotional pain becomes too much to bear. At that point I let my stomach flop down and watch everything go down the drain with a heavy heart.

Watching my food doesn't seem to be working. I can eat little for lunch and dinner, but somewhere along the line, I'll just lose it and go on to devour everything edible in sight. Kinda like a bear after waking up from a nice bout of hibernation. I fear that age is causing me a lot in terms of mental discipline. Gone is that aluminium will which drove me to do exercise just about everyday. Now all I have is a rubbery will that occasionally gets me off my ass to walk around the house for awhile.

This is how fat middle-aged men are produced. Slowly. Surely. Inevitable.

You cannot run from fatty destiny.

RM0.30 More

That's 26.04 liters for RM50! I was about to ask how could the government allow such a travesty, but then, I remember that those on top just want to get richer. Bonus, much? I don't buy the propaganda about how Malaysia's petrol is still cheaper than other countries ( apart from Brunei ), and the fact that the savings will be used “to pay for development projects and improving the public transport system for the benefit of all people" just leaves me cold. Isn't that why I pay my damn taxes? And if the government were better at managing development, stuff like the Jelutong highway would have been completed earlier and everyone would have saved more money. Bastards.

Here's a better plan on how to solve this problem. Get a group of like-minded people. Look for the people responsible for this robbery of the Malaysian people. Torture their families in front of them, THEN torture them. Make sure all this is broadcasted live on local television. Make them an example. That'll teach the rich to get richer at the cost of the non-rich.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Pulling Off a Jack Day 4

There. I've always wanted to break away from that "Oh look, he has a blog. Go read. He disses everyone in it!" trap I managed to weave myself into. And this is how I've done it. Moved everything away from the old site, set up shop with a new template, tweaked some links in my old posts for compatibility with the new URL name. Of course, just about no one knows about this new URL. Which, er, is good in a way. Too many people got to know of my old blog. Some of those people were VERY dangerous. Which is why I had to pull off a Jack Bauer end of Day 4. I always thought I would just leave this one to wither and die while starting another blog somewhere else. Actually tried that twice, in fact. But in the end I figure this way is better. I just never thought moving away from the old one would be like this.

So here we are, new start and all. Kinda empty, eh. It's okay. New identity, new posts. I might even hit that 1000th post someday too.

Thursday, February 09, 2006


This has happened before. Sore throat, sore tongue, general feeling of illness. In fact, it happened around the same time of the year last year too. I'm hypothesizing that this is due to orbital factors. Can't say it's the weather, cause the weather in Plantation last year was wonderful and it's just bloody hot now in Penang. Temporal would be a little bit harder to justify - if that's the case, this tongue issue is my version of an annual period. No, I'm going with orbital. The Earth is now a certain distance from the sun, and gravitational factors have led to my hormones changing ( and my teeth growing sharper, if the doctor is to be believed ). And thus, the painful tongue and attendant fever / sore throat / cold / headache / swollen eyes.

The software department I'm working in ( a very big department ) was having their quarterly meeting today when I walked out of the office. I want to say how cool it is that I almost always have an excuse not to attend that department meeting, but I'm starting to fear that enough more times of non-attendance and I'm going to be fired. Especially since our department head always seem to know that I'm not attending that meeting.

I must stop now, for I have a conference call in four minutes. There is truly no rest for the wicked.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Evil Tea

I had a cup of Beh tea ( named after the guy who gave it to me before he left for UK ) and damnit, I feel dead now. Maybe it's expired tea. Or maybe he spiked it with trace amounts of cynide. Whatever the case, I'm suddenly feeling dizzy and my stomach's real queasy. Is it really the tea? Is it the free roti canai and curry chicken I had for breakfast this morning. No one else seems to be suffering from dizziness and numb fingers and general stomach discomfort, so either I'm dying of something rare or it's the tea.

I was supposed to go "lou sang" with my other colleagues today, but I decided against it due to this sudden bout of weakness. It's nice that they invited me, but strangely, ever since this year started, I've been feeling exceptionally avoidant of people. It doesn't help that things start getting in the way when I want to go hang out with other folks. Is this truly all my making? Will I poison myself in order to avoid socializing with people? To what extent is my subconscious directing my actions?

Or, it could be the excess food I've eaten during CNY. Oh yes, here comes the price for gluttony. All those peanut cookies and kuih kapek is coming back to haunt me now by bringing me to my knees in a horrible moment of weakness.

Or, it could be my mind bringing me to my knees. I've recently noticed a surge of willpower here and there in my daily life. Admittedly, it's not all that likely, but the mind's been known to be able to accomplish certain feats, especially when the directives come from the subconscious. Yes, my greatest enemy is myself. This is such a fun way to go about life ( Hey, didn't I just cover this in an earlier paragraph? You see! I'm not thinking straight! It is a case of food poisoning! ).