Friday, February 03, 2006

Evil Tea

I had a cup of Beh tea ( named after the guy who gave it to me before he left for UK ) and damnit, I feel dead now. Maybe it's expired tea. Or maybe he spiked it with trace amounts of cynide. Whatever the case, I'm suddenly feeling dizzy and my stomach's real queasy. Is it really the tea? Is it the free roti canai and curry chicken I had for breakfast this morning. No one else seems to be suffering from dizziness and numb fingers and general stomach discomfort, so either I'm dying of something rare or it's the tea.

I was supposed to go "lou sang" with my other colleagues today, but I decided against it due to this sudden bout of weakness. It's nice that they invited me, but strangely, ever since this year started, I've been feeling exceptionally avoidant of people. It doesn't help that things start getting in the way when I want to go hang out with other folks. Is this truly all my making? Will I poison myself in order to avoid socializing with people? To what extent is my subconscious directing my actions?

Or, it could be the excess food I've eaten during CNY. Oh yes, here comes the price for gluttony. All those peanut cookies and kuih kapek is coming back to haunt me now by bringing me to my knees in a horrible moment of weakness.

Or, it could be my mind bringing me to my knees. I've recently noticed a surge of willpower here and there in my daily life. Admittedly, it's not all that likely, but the mind's been known to be able to accomplish certain feats, especially when the directives come from the subconscious. Yes, my greatest enemy is myself. This is such a fun way to go about life ( Hey, didn't I just cover this in an earlier paragraph? You see! I'm not thinking straight! It is a case of food poisoning! ).

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glinar said...

haiya...excuses for not socializing :P