Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Laying on the Adipose Layers

Obesity can sneak up on you like a thief in the night. One packet of Cheezels too many, and suddenly there's an extra layer of fat on the tummy. It's tragic how quickly I can gain weight, especially when I take forever to grow just a little thinner. Right now, my stomach is highly flexible. One of the ways I torture myself in the shower is by gathering water in between the folds of stomach fat I have. Then I walk around the toilet for awhile before the emotional pain becomes too much to bear. At that point I let my stomach flop down and watch everything go down the drain with a heavy heart.

Watching my food doesn't seem to be working. I can eat little for lunch and dinner, but somewhere along the line, I'll just lose it and go on to devour everything edible in sight. Kinda like a bear after waking up from a nice bout of hibernation. I fear that age is causing me a lot in terms of mental discipline. Gone is that aluminium will which drove me to do exercise just about everyday. Now all I have is a rubbery will that occasionally gets me off my ass to walk around the house for awhile.

This is how fat middle-aged men are produced. Slowly. Surely. Inevitable.

You cannot run from fatty destiny.


Simoniac said...

You are always welcome to come and work out with me. My dad's estate needs hardy men like you!! :-P

Nicholas Prose said...

Man, that sounds a bit Brokeback Mountain-ish. Sweaty hardworking men under the sun!