Thursday, February 09, 2006


This has happened before. Sore throat, sore tongue, general feeling of illness. In fact, it happened around the same time of the year last year too. I'm hypothesizing that this is due to orbital factors. Can't say it's the weather, cause the weather in Plantation last year was wonderful and it's just bloody hot now in Penang. Temporal would be a little bit harder to justify - if that's the case, this tongue issue is my version of an annual period. No, I'm going with orbital. The Earth is now a certain distance from the sun, and gravitational factors have led to my hormones changing ( and my teeth growing sharper, if the doctor is to be believed ). And thus, the painful tongue and attendant fever / sore throat / cold / headache / swollen eyes.

The software department I'm working in ( a very big department ) was having their quarterly meeting today when I walked out of the office. I want to say how cool it is that I almost always have an excuse not to attend that department meeting, but I'm starting to fear that enough more times of non-attendance and I'm going to be fired. Especially since our department head always seem to know that I'm not attending that meeting.

I must stop now, for I have a conference call in four minutes. There is truly no rest for the wicked.

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