Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Pulling Off a Jack Day 4

There. I've always wanted to break away from that "Oh look, he has a blog. Go read. He disses everyone in it!" trap I managed to weave myself into. And this is how I've done it. Moved everything away from the old site, set up shop with a new template, tweaked some links in my old posts for compatibility with the new URL name. Of course, just about no one knows about this new URL. Which, er, is good in a way. Too many people got to know of my old blog. Some of those people were VERY dangerous. Which is why I had to pull off a Jack Bauer end of Day 4. I always thought I would just leave this one to wither and die while starting another blog somewhere else. Actually tried that twice, in fact. But in the end I figure this way is better. I just never thought moving away from the old one would be like this.

So here we are, new start and all. Kinda empty, eh. It's okay. New identity, new posts. I might even hit that 1000th post someday too.

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