Tuesday, February 28, 2006

RM0.30 More

That's 26.04 liters for RM50! I was about to ask how could the government allow such a travesty, but then, I remember that those on top just want to get richer. Bonus, much? I don't buy the propaganda about how Malaysia's petrol is still cheaper than other countries ( apart from Brunei ), and the fact that the savings will be used “to pay for development projects and improving the public transport system for the benefit of all people" just leaves me cold. Isn't that why I pay my damn taxes? And if the government were better at managing development, stuff like the Jelutong highway would have been completed earlier and everyone would have saved more money. Bastards.

Here's a better plan on how to solve this problem. Get a group of like-minded people. Look for the people responsible for this robbery of the Malaysian people. Torture their families in front of them, THEN torture them. Make sure all this is broadcasted live on local television. Make them an example. That'll teach the rich to get richer at the cost of the non-rich.

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