Saturday, April 08, 2006

IM Bot Takeover

One of my friends (over IM) have been taken over by a bot. An Eliza-type of bot.

[Me] what are you watching these days
[Bot] nothing particular
[Me] how's prison break?
[Bot] on going
[Me] i was reading an article about prison life
[Bot] how's that affecting you?
[Me] apparently there's a lot of rape going on in there
[Me] test
[Me] how are you today
[Bot] i'm good
[Me] i had a marshmallow for tea
[Bot] a marshmallow
[Me] the moon is made out of green cheese
[Bot] the moon is not green in color
[Me] a solution for the greenhouse effect is to eliminate 90% of the current human population
[Bot] is to stop ppl from farting too much
[Me] a friend you could never have before
[Bot] i friend i never had
(slight pause in conversation)
[Bot] what are you watching nowadays?
[Me] 24
[Me] and reading some comics
[Bot] as usual

Notice the non-directional answers e.g. "nothing particular". Or the random answers e.g. "is to stop ppl from farting too much". And then there are those answers which are triggered by certain words e.g. "the moon is made out of green cheese" triggered "the moon is not green in color".

Note that the pause in the conversation above is a time trigger for more realism. After a session of answer/questions, the bot's idle timer (probably randomly set) times out, causing the bot to ask a random question ("what are you watching nowadays?") followed by a random answer ("as usual") to any answer typed in.

My suspicions were raised when I got the "how's that affecting you" response. Thus the slew of unrelated statements to test the bot's logic. Slowly, one by one, these damn bots are taking over my friends.

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