Thursday, April 13, 2006

Valuation Day

The valuer from Jones & Lang went to value my new house today. Well, technically, the house's about 12 years old, that's why the bank wants a valuation report. Since my mother knows the current tenant living there and the owner ( who doesn't have the key anyway ) is out of town, I went to get the key from the tenant. She's still in the process of moving out, so her stuff is still all around the place. I've gotta admit, the place is pretty quiet in the late afternoon. Peaceful. I didn't see anyone around except for an old man wearing his shoes. I presume he was going to go jog in the nearby park, although it was hot enough to roast a chicken on the road AND kill the bird flu it's infected with.

So the valuer came, the valuer valued, and then the valuer told me she was done. The tenant had requested that I bring her the air filter she left in the house, so I spent most of the time trying to unplug the air filter. It must have been there forever, cause it did take me some considerable effort to take that plug out. Memo to self: Oil that power socket. After the struggle with the socket, I lugged the air filter out, pretended the guard outside didn't exist, and then continued carrying the air filter to the tenant's house under the hot hot sun. Contrary to popular belief, the 5pm sun can kill you.

That was basically how the valuation went. Initially the valuer told me that the process would take about half an hour, but it ended up taking only about fifteen minutes. Give or take five minutes. I was too busy figuring out the best way to unplug the air filter at that time.

Fast forward to the night. 10pm, and we had just finished a code inspection. I went down with a couple of my colleagues, and on the way to the bank, I slipped on the wet floor and fell on my ass. Ouch. I thought it was going to rain. I didn't know it had already rained. I don't really feel any pain right now, although my left foot is starting to feel uncomfortable. Tomorrow, on the other hand, might prove to be interesting for my body.

Right after the bank, I went off to see Von Darke. Aye, he's back in town ( and here to stay, apparently ). He passed me my laptop hard drive, so my colleagues at work will now have more data than they ever wish they had.

You know how most days it's just work work work? And then you have days like today, where it's work interspersed with much needed exercise under the hot sun with the occasional fall. And when I reached home at 11pm, those savages downstairs were having a live show in the basketball court. It was really loud. Good thing they've stopped now that it's almost midnight. Man, my windows were vibrating.

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