Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Community Service Messages

On the radio, they can get preachy. Annoyingly so. Picture this: It's been a hard day at work. Your boss is pissed at you, you're feeling down, there's misery in the air. So on the way home, you turn on the radio hoping to hear Hilary Duff singing 'Wake Up' or maybe that 'Dejavu' song. I mean come on, even that 'Bad Day' song would be welcomed (it would be most apt indeed). The last thing you want to hear is some irritating voice telling you not to drive too fast.


THAT is exactly what you hear. And it doesn't even get to the point at once. It does that long-winded "3 words that can change your life blablabla" then some schmucks come in and chime "I love you" and "God bless you" and "That's the loo" and then they go on with the accident stuff and suddenly we have negative thoughts like "Oh my God" and "Damn I'm screwed" and "Not my fault". Do people really want to listen to this on the way home from work while stuck in a traffic jam? It's a wonder road rage incidents haven't spiked. I just hate that holier-than-thou tone the voice takes. Hate. HATE. Makes me want to step down on the accelerator and hit something. Like maybe the old lady standing on the side of the road or something. Or whoever they hired to annoy listeners.

In the US, radio stations were full of ads in the morning, and they played mostly songs in the evening. In Malaysia, DJs yak ALL DAY over the air. Goddamnit, would it kill to just play songs? It's the radio! Play songs!

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