Thursday, September 21, 2006

Dying Battery

There's something about me and technology. My computer dies on a regular basis. The radio I work on die easily. And my car battery... haih. My car battery. Tonight, it wasn't dead. No. It was dying. There were lights, there was radio. But start the car? Nah. Sorry. No can do. Good thing Von Darke was almost home (but not quite home yet). He went back to the carpark and while my girlfriend held the torchlight (borrowed from the guard), we jumpstarted my car with his nifty jumper cables.

And that's cool. Gracias to all. BUT. We found out my car battery was faulty. It was leaking white stuff (which ain't sperm). My father didn't believe me though. Once again, it was all about me not filling the battery water. Which is true. Although the battery still had oodles and oodles of water. The cocksucker was LEAKING okay. You know how pissed I am or not?! *throws something on the floor for dramatic effect*

And now Guild Wars downloading at 3KB/sec! Wtf! Slow connection ftl!

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