Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The End, The Beginning

That's the end of my Frank Flynn days. It was a bitch putting everything back together again. I figure that everyone now thinks I'm dead and gone forever, so it's probably safe to crawl out of the woodwork again to bask in obscurity.

Amazing how it's always the worst of days which spur me into action. To recap, I went under as Armasazi (I'm not there anymore, but someone else could be). Too many people who shoulnd't know about this knew about this. Enough time has gone by that no one remembers me anymore. So I can go about the job of getting to know everybody again. Apparently, a clean start isn't what I wanted. I wanted to revise everybody's opinion of me so that they would think of me as some nice guy instead of that despicable asshole. Fat chance of that happening. I know Tony Stark once used a device to make everyone forget he was Iron-Man, but I think that got destroyed somehow. And the Avengers, especially Captain America, wasn't happy with him either.

Where am I now anyway? Like, what is the state of the union? What is the status quo? The answer, simply, is not very good. The past couple of months have seen a severe deterioration of drive. Work has sucked me lifeless - all I do is go home and play Guild Wars. Heck, I wasn't even playing Guild Wars properly. Bought Prophecies a couple of months after it launched. Then I stopped playing. Then I heard that Factions was coming out, so I restarted a new character. Played a bit too, and then stopped again. And then I heard Nightfall was coming out. So I played the second character earnestly, and before I knew it, I had already completed both campaigns with Ilfar Danan. These nights, I go home and play with my spankingly brilliant mesmer called Siew Mei. Someday I might even post pics of Her Royal Dominatrixness.

That's on the PC gaming front. My PS2 is firmly entrenched in the hall now, for use of my father. He seems to like the bout games very much. Boxing, Mortal Kombat... I tried to get him to play Bloodrayne, but I think he didn't really get the 3rd person action adventure genre. Just saying it's goodbye to my PS2 gaming days (not that Guild Wars leaves me a lot of time for anything else).

Work? Don't talk to me about work. I would actually resign and get a new job, but damnit, I'm too lazy to do anything but fix easy bugs. There is no drive. The drive is gone. I don't know where the hell it went to. Worse, the drive is gone from EVERYWHERE. The only drive left is to do stuff in Guild Wars, and that's only because of the game mechanics which appeal to my obsessive-compulsive side (gotta cap 'em all!).

Healthwise, I'm getting fat (so, what else is new?). My stomach was bloated this morning. Worrying, really. Maybe I should stop eating for awhile to see what happens. Doesn't help that I have about a million weddings to attend in the coming weekends. I feel HORRIBLE about missing Siew Mei's (the friend, not my GW persona) wedding, but the coming ones... uh... well, maybe I will feel bad about missing them. I mean, old friends I haven't seen in aeons, yeah. Family I haven't seen in aeons, yeah. Damnit, I'm getting soft in my old age.

Anyway, end of recap. Will I blog more these days now that Prosian Thoughts is back in business? Don't know. Don't really care. No one knows I'm here anymore anyway. Well, Von Darke will be informed. And a couple of other people. Maybe this will be a footnote for my blog. "In the end, he came home and died." Something sweet like that.


William Darke said...

Whisky for the win!!!! YEARGH!!!!
*glug* *glug* *glug*

Nicholas Prose said...

But we're out of whisky *cries*. So much for the celebrations.

William Darke said...

Is true.

Nicholas Prose said...

Oh look. A bottle of Smirnoff in the freezer.

Hail to the King, baby.