Monday, September 04, 2006

Slowing Down on Guild Wars

I've been working hard on Guild Wars. Really hard. So hard that when I sleep, I dream I'm playing the game. It happened last night. Due to the late nights spent playing Guild Wars, I quaffed two shots of Vasparov (if only to conserve my spankingly brand new Dewars) and went to bed at 2am. This after finishing a couple of Conan (the Cimmerian, not the detective) stories. Winked out, and then I was back in Cantha, fighting the Am Fah in the crowded streets of Kaineng City. Oh how easy life is when you can kill some bad guys and discover a rare bow.

Anyway, Guild Wars has been taking up a lot of my life lately. I was finally able to finish the Factions story quests over the weekend. And then I went back to finish up the side quests of the other faction which I wasn't using. So actually, it wasn't all that hard to finish up Guild Wars. Or at least the main storyline. I just... went off track earlier because I wasn't playing the game right.

Now it's time to slow down a bit, maybe go back to Tyria to finish up the high level stuff... and wait for Nightfall in October.

In other news, if you're heading off to the mamak on the other side of the road from your office and you see dark clouds all over the place, please bring an umbrella. Don't end up soaked like me.

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