Sunday, October 01, 2006

At the Reception

So right. Yesterday was King Tut and Leaping's wedding. Von Darke and I actually arrived early, and he got drafted into becoming the photographer (cause the hired hand was late) while I got drafted into becoming the RECEPTIONIST. You know, the pretty girl who sits at a table and ticks off your name and gives you your table number? Yup, that was me. Except I ain't pretty and I've a perfectly functioning pair of balls and one nice long meat sausage dangling between my legs.

But hey. That was yesterday. Today is my girlfriend's godbrother's wedding dinner. She was the bridesmaid, so she was running up and down everywhere the whole of yesterday and today. We had a nice drive to Tanjung Country Club, and then somehow I ended up sitting behind the reception desk again. Overseeing the angpows again. It's an honour, yes, but I don't know why people keep trusting me with their money. Maybe I have that mafia hitman look. I know my cousin has the bouncer aura about him. You put money in front of him, no one's going to try to take it from him. He can FLATTEN you between his hands like a piece of roti canai. FLATTEN. I can't FLATTEN people like him, but I've been told I can get an intense homicidal aura going. That's good enough, right? This time, I even got to hold on to the money until halfway through the wedding. Woot.


Sharon said...

hey, i thought being THE RECEPTIONIST was pretty cool LOL
and didn't you put aside any fat looking angpaus for yourself? ;)

Nicholas Prose said...

Being the RECEPTIONIST is only cool if you're a hot chick. Then everybody will oogle you and you get to bask in the blatant flattery. If you're not, you just become the ugly bouncer everyone stares at while wondering what on Earth are you doing there :P.

And no, I didn't sneak aside any angpows *cough*.