Sunday, October 01, 2006

Congratulations to King Tut & Leaping

Has it really been ten years? Bugger. I remember that Bon Odori when we were Lower 6 back in 1996. It was raining, Leaping's friends decided not to go and gave her vouchers worth RM100. So King Tut, her and I, who were on Scouts duty, had RM100 to spend. And I kept on bugging her for vouchers to buy Magnum ice cream. Dang. Should have gotten the Gormenghast T-shirt (RM20, but RM100 is a lot to eat).

And then there was the Inauguration Dinner back in 1997, when they both DANCED THE NIGHT AWAY. I mean, they were REALLY dancing the whole night. Right up until they were the only couple left on the dance floor. Like, wtf? The whole night! I can only imagine them having hot hot sex right now. With their stamina, they'll be at it the whole bloody night. But then again, I think they're very tired. They'll probably just go sleep and shag the whole of next day. WHAT STAMINA.

Anyway, I'm happy for them. Most relationships cannot last 5 years without marriage. They lasted 10. Do you know what kind of staying power you need for that? A WHOLE LOT. Now that's commitment you don't find nowadays. Which only ELEVATES my inner joy that they finally got married (because, as we know, I'm such a jaded bastard).

10 long years. And they finally got married. Wow. All I can say is, wow. All the best to them.

Note: FYI they got married on the 30th of September. Just, FYI. Since it's like 1.15am and I'm bloody drunk on account of the beers I had with Von Darke after the wedding.

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