Monday, March 26, 2007

Walking in Memphis

The piano intro of 'Walking in Memphis' always sends shivers down my spine. I don't know why, it just does. At the same time, it sends my mind off to some far away place. Memphis, probably. It also makes me feel very young again, evoking memories of listening to the song while my father was driving the car or when I was in my room, listening to the radio while I studied. Marc Cohn's version is the definitive one in my books, but Cher's rendition is... let's just say that the X-Files episode 'Post-Modern Prometheus' made it highly memorable. In that 'forever engraved in my mind' kind of way.

In fact, it was that same episode which set me off to get Cher songs. Mind you, I was already a fan of Cher after 'Mermaids'. 'The Shoop Shoop Song' kicked off the 90s, a time when Christina Ricci was adorable and Winona Ryder oh-so-desirable after Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands. I get weird flashes of 'Back to the Future' whenever I hear the Shoop Shoop Song (which is strange). But. 'Post Modern Prometheus'. It came at a time when I was more able to source out stuff (this was like... around the end of last year / beginning of this year). And source I did, and found out that I really like quite a number of Cher songs. Like, REALLY. 'Heart of Stone' and 'Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves' rank high on my list, but highest goes to 'Just Like Jessie James'. Ah, what must it feel like to belt out lines like "Cause if this heart is gonna break it's gonna take a lot to break it" on stage performing to a full house in Vegas? Almost makes me want to put on a wig and sing on stage.

Cher. She's got an incredible voice. She's the hottest 'matured' woman I know EVER. In fact, she could have started off the whole 'matured woman' category of porn. Her songs are great. Like total wow. Experiencing her in X-Files was a truly great experience. The fusion of X-files and Cher resulted in one of my favourite X-Files episode. Someone created a music video of 'Walking in Memphis' and 'Post-Modern Prometheus'. If you don't mind major spoilers of the episode (or if you've already watched it), do take a look at the video below. Truly one of television's highest points.

Friday, March 09, 2007

International Women's Day

Was yesterday. I wish to be dedicating this day (belatedly) to my late grandmother. She put the Fear Of God into me. I might not be a good Christian, but there is that Overwhelming Conscience in me which prevents me from doing shit like cheating on my girlfriend/wife. It's in my genes to sow my wild oats, but due to my upbringing due to my grandmother, that is no longer the case. I attribute my decidedly strange principles to her. She's been dead for so long, but I can still remember how she looks like. Sarong and old-fashioned hair-do and all. Late grandmother FTW.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


No. Just going through a funk. I hope this phase of extreme downtime is temporary. I would hate having to go through life like this. Working hours are now a horrible blur - not because I'm too busy, but because I'm seriously demotivated. That's what happens when you've come to believe that your own manager is out to kill you (or at least force you to resign). Last year around this time, I was insanely busy, but at least there was that grim satisfaction with my work. Now, I'll be happy if I can even gather enough will to push through my current workload. C'est true... people do end up leaving companies because of their managers.