Friday, March 09, 2007

International Women's Day

Was yesterday. I wish to be dedicating this day (belatedly) to my late grandmother. She put the Fear Of God into me. I might not be a good Christian, but there is that Overwhelming Conscience in me which prevents me from doing shit like cheating on my girlfriend/wife. It's in my genes to sow my wild oats, but due to my upbringing due to my grandmother, that is no longer the case. I attribute my decidedly strange principles to her. She's been dead for so long, but I can still remember how she looks like. Sarong and old-fashioned hair-do and all. Late grandmother FTW.


Kinderling said...


If fear of a (dead) woman's wrath guides you to impotency - then please do not attribute it to good Christian living.

Suppression is not meakness. Surrender is not equality.
Overwhelming guilt is not conscience.
Women will know you when you do not know yourself, and despise you when you do not give freely.

You plant your oats in good soil, not incontinently spread them as you suggest a man should do.

Only a monkey man lusts and cowers in the shadow of a woman's rage.

Nicholas Prose said...

Er... what? I think you've got the context wrong, mate. Or the wrong post, even.