Monday, May 07, 2007

Loving' the New Ads

I went out for dinner with the Simoniac and Von Darke on Sunday. "Nikolai," he said as we dug into our second-rate shellfish, "go look in the papers today. Tell me if you see anything out of the place."

Right after that, he proceeded to tell us what was wrong, but to save time, I did a little scan of the item in question and hey, here's what Von Darke told us to go see:

So the guy on the left... the one being hugged. It's obviously his first time. I mean, that expression of pain. The clenched eyes. The mouth opened in some cry of pain. Like, wow. I'll be hollering out loud too if I had a hot man-sausage shoved up my ass.

The other guy, the one on the right. Now that's a look of BLISS. He's obviously enjoying this connection with his little friend in front of him. Look at that mouth. You can almost hear his moan of pleasure.

Or so I thought upon first looking at it. And then I read the rest of the ad:

Boy-Boy Loving

This can't be accidental, right? Right? Von Darke thinks that whoever who designed the ad should be shot. "It's supposed to be serious!" he insists. And yes, it is. But when people are dense enough to miss this kind of innuendo and actually go ahead with printing it out on a national newspaper, they will be mocked.

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Cindy said...

i tot the guy in front got cum sprayed onto his face... hahaha...

Nicholas Prose said...

Heyyyy good observation :P.