Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Midnight Hour

You know how there are some movies you watched when you were a little kid which left a great impact on you? No? Well, I do. A long time ago, back when I was still in primary school, I used to go for sunset mass every Saturday evening with my extended family. I had cathecism classes the next morning, so I used to sleep over at my aunty's house (where my grandmother also lived). Now, in those days, RTM1 showed great movies every Saturday night. I used to watch them along with my aunty, uncle and two cousins on their black and white television. They had dinosaur movies, monster movies and my personal favourites, horror movies. The one which has stayed with me over all these years is The Midnight Hour.

I watched it once back in the 80s. The plot's pretty simple... curse gets unleashed, the dead rise, guy and girl fall in love with each other, curse overruns town, curse is reversed, ending I absolutely love. Absolutely. I finally got to watch it again today after around 20 years and I still love this movie. There's nothing like a fresh healthy dose of nostalgia to make one feel all young again.

It's also slightly disturbing that after all this time, I just realized just how much this movie has affected me.

* The movie features a lot of undead. Zombies, werewolves, vampires, witches are the order of the day.
Horror is my favourite genre. I once wrote a story about all manner of monsters, and the plot was taken right out of this movie.

The following points are all related. They all begin with "The hot chick the nerdy protagonist hooks up with..."

"... teaches him how to live."
I follow pretty well. Especially female leaders (favourite Star Trek captain is Captain Janeway).

"... happens to be undead."
Necrophilia FTW!

"... is a hot blonde cheerleader."
Oh yes, I have blonde cheerleader fetish. It's stronger than my necrophilia tendencies.

"... has been the only hot chick in a movie which has stuck in my mind. Ever."
She's even crept up in stuff I've done every now and then. Usually subconsciously. God I'm more traumatized than I thought.

I probably had the greatest schoolboy crush on her when I was young. Probably overidentified with the protagonist (isn't all that hard for me at that time), got all excited with the monsters and the ending? Poignant. Burns itself into your heart. Something like this don't just go away.

It's really nice how nearly 10 years after this movie, along came Buffy. Pretty blonde girl with a lot of monsters hanging around about her. I never fell hard for Buffy - one impossible blonde is enough, thank you - but I guess, in spirit, they had a lot in common. Except Buffy literally kicked ass, didn't come from the 1950s, is wittier, has deadly fashion sense and serves a mean stake. Er...

So that's it. I finally caught up with The Midnight Hour. I thought it would seem diminished, for time has a way of making you remember things better than they actually are. But no. It's as good as I thought it would be.

*deep sigh*

Sinks back to the good old days with 50s songs playing on the radio...

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