Saturday, September 01, 2007

Call of the Eye

Right in the middle of the madness which is my life now, Guild Wars: Eye of the North (aka GWEN) was released. I played the preview last week and was rather pleased with how it was. When I started playing again yesterday (4 hours after the actual release time of 3pm because I was out looking for my new sofa), I realized that all os us previewers had played about one quarter of the main storyline.

But that's okay. Realize that ArenaNet decided to make the primary storyline short, but the 18 multilevel dungeons is where the real action of GWEN is. The primary quests have taken me to 3-level dungeons - SMALL 3-level dungeons - and I'm liking what I've seen. Of course, eradicating the inhabitants of a 5 level dungeon complex is a time-consuming endeavour. I expect myself only to start on this after I've finished up all the primary quests with all my ten characters. Or when the night is early and the lag is none.

So why am I blogging now instead of finishing up the GWEN primary quests with my primary ranger character (Ilfar!)? I've borrowed a maid and she's cleaning my new house for me. Yes, that sounds a bit lame, but there's a pretty deep cut on my finger now which prevents me from getting my hands dirty. Okay, that sounds lame too, but really, I don't even know if my cut is ever going to recover. It's pretty deep.

As such, it's a good thing I got Streamyx running in my new house. You guys should drop by sometime. When the wind comes, I can actually work at my table without turning on the air conditioner.