Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bomb on the Bridge Rumour Causes HELLISH Jam

The Rumour
There is a BOMB on Penang Bridge. Alternatively, some disgruntled employee of my company heard of his/her (lack of bonus) and blew up the damn bridge*.

The Assumption based on the UNHOLY Traffic Jam I just went through
They fucking closed the bridge.

The Fact
UNHOLY traffic jam. UNHOLY. It took me a whole lot of luck and impatience to make my way home in one hour and maybe fifteen minutes. If I had patience, I would still be out there now. In fact, If I had patience, I probably would have run out of patience and roadraged some nearby fellow travellers to death. Pity the people who live on the mainland. Everyone of them has to use the ferry home if they want go home.

Remotely Scary Moment
When I checked the bridgecam and got 'x' on ALL the videos. I've never managed to get that before.

Like, who the hell would bomb Penang Bridge? That's like... LAME. Who would bomb MALAYSIA to begin with? We're not even worth bombing. Complete waste of explosives. Left to our own devices I think we'll self-destruct even faster. But noooo... someone had to go blow it up. Or attempt to blow it up. Or maybe started a bloody hoax about Bomb on the Bridge. Like, TOO FREE IS IT? Whoever it was, I hope he / she / it / they go EAT SHIT AND DIE DIE DIE.

*: This might not be as improbable as it sounds. Our 'bonus' this year is so bad it's a wonder the company didn't deduct money from our salary instead. Factor in the current working conditions and for the grace of God that disgruntled employee could have been me. But of course I won't. Cause evidently, closing down the bridge only diverts traffic to my area of town, WHICH GREATLY PISSES ME OFF.