Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Nothing At All

It was a time long ago in a place far south when I still had more friends than I could count on one hand. We were standing outside the cineplex when it hit me. There she was, her face plastered on every poster on every wall. And, trick of light perhaps, or fanciful imagination, I saw her instead. And realized, then, that she said it best when she said

I stood outside the house, with my family inside with the family they had chosen to surround themselves with. He lay in the coffin, a cooling corpse long deserted by its soul, still garnering attention from mourners around. The stars were out in force, and as I watched them, I got the creepy realization that ultimately, life was for

Night. They sat together in the garden, two lost souls finding a brief respite in the storm of life. A moment of quiet after the chaos. She was grateful. He had found himself. His epiphany: what mattered was what he did if what he did meant