Saturday, September 27, 2008

Second Wind

The last few days have seen me getting worn out very fast. I come home from work, I fall asleep on the bed (after my bath, of course). I go for dinner, come home, and I feel utterly bonked. By 11.30pm, I'm crawling towards my bed. Crawling. No watching of horror movies. No genocide for traits in LOTRO (Lord of the Rings Online). No working towards my canonization as the Saint of Pr0n :S. I'm just bonked! BONKED, I TELL YOU!

I come home! And I die on the bed! I don't even wear a shirt! What on Earth is going on with me? Used to be: come home, bathe, party the night away. Now sometimes, I can hardly find enough energy to drive out and fetch my wife back.

Anyway, that's how my week has been. I wonder if the weather has changed. I'm pretty sensitive to weather changes. Usually I simply fall sick. Weather hot -> weather cold = sick. Weather cold -> weather hot = sick. It's how I welcome the weather. On a subconscious level, it also shows my dislike of change. It's also because I'm a walking human barometer.

Today, though, after falling asleep numerous times, I've finally come to a state where I'm wide awake. At 2am. YAY.

Sidenote: How I Spent the Evening of My Last Day of Work at the New Company
  • Ate alone in Subway (wife went for birthday dinner) - delicious Subway Melt!
  • LOTRO: Killed enough wolves in the Trollshaws to get the trait there
  • Fickle-fackled around about rebooting this blog - decided AGAINST
  • Tried to get people to talk to me over Facebook - marginal success

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