Sunday, September 28, 2008


Wait for your turn. That's the typical civilized way of doing stuff. Get in line. Queue up. This is, of course, something which Malaysians can never seem to do. Instead, they tend to live just to cut queue. It's all very rude. Ill-mannered. Savage. One of the reasons why I've always felt that we as a nation has so much further to go.

Why can't we be more like the seasons, waiting for their turn patiently? Spring waits for winter, winter waits for autumn, autumn waits for summer, summer waits for spring. Nature itself shows us that for everything there is a time and place. Like the leaves which grow in the spring, to flourish in the summer and ultimately to fall in the autumn. Life itself is a series of stages waiting to play out in their own time - childhood, adolescence, adulthood, old age, a rotting corpse which the worms eat. Even the worms know when their turn is to come out of the body for the final cleanup.

This tendency to go out of turn is unnatural. It is a betrayal of the natural order of life. It is a lie which we who do not follow the order of things help perpetuate. For it is easier to do that which is wrong than it is to do that which is right. Are you cutting my line? The resentment build ups within me. If you can do it, why shouldn't I? Next time, it will be my turn to cut someone else's line. And that someone will feel the same resentment I did when you cut my line. This fundamental element of life gets twisted. The chain grows longer. Order breaks. It is neverending.

So do your part. Queue up. Get in line. After all, it's the civilized way of doing stuff. Wait for your turn.

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