Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Okay. Kid++. Male. I adore the little thing, probably more than I let on. There's something about seeing something you made crawl around the place and try to climb up the couch. Thing is, I'm the kind of guy who's just waiting for him to grow up so that I can start playing with him. Cowboys and Indians. Aliens. Sea-Mon. Call of Duty. World of Warcraft ("You tank and Daddy will DPS behind the boss"). Time for that later, I guess. Right now, it's all about making sure he doesn't hurt himself too much and that his milk is ready when he's hungry. These activities are more difficult than they sound. Kid's starting to move fast. And his appetite can be a mite unpredictable.

On the workfront, things aren't going to well. Have they ever been? It's the same story day in, day out. Just that I now have the additional challenge of keeping myself motivated enough to do work. It's a tiring task which I suspect is leading me to be this jaded old guy in the department. Sullen. Grumpy. Makes strange statements ("So tell me frankly... what do you think about sex with female gorillas?"). Sometimes, I think they're only keeping me around because there's a lack of resources around here.

I might have finally found a way to stop gaming. Call of Duty: Black Ops. I suck so much at it, two rounds and I call it quits for the night. Is it my 250+ms ping? Is it my slower reflexes after years of not playing FPSes? I don't know. All I know is that I suck at it, and it's actually given me more time to go do other stuff. Like continue working from home.

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